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Karen C
More than expected 👍

I purchased the Luke lightsaber w/Proffie soundboard. Received the item in one week… (that’s FAST)

Nomad Edge
Thomas Amy
Become one with the elements of nature

This saber is a fantastic blend of form and function. Is is great on its own, but is also a fantastic canvas for the force wielder looking to make a statement with their hilt! I'm very happy with mine and look forward to using it in battle!

Obi Wan EP3
Mike Ham
Enjoy your cosplay more than ever.

Dueling was never this much fun before i bought this saber. It has brought me a new wave of excitement and I am really very happy and satisfied with the product.

Anakin EP3
Edwin L.
Highly recommended!

It seemed like i was going to waste my money over this product because I did not know anything about this store. But when I received my order, it was finely packed with proper care and the product was as per the description, really loved and enjoyed the saber.

Darth Vader
Andrea Tom
Premium lightsaber with premium quality.

Cool, best addition to my lightsabers collection and guess what, still it has a lower price than many of the sabers in my collection. Recommend you guys to buy this wonderful gadget.

Darth Maul
Jared Luc
Loving this product. A happy five star rating.

Star Wars fan?? buy this saber if you really want a great duel with your lightsaber. It makes dueling more joyful with its flashes and sounds. Shop it!!

Great 1st saber

This is my first Neopixel lightsaber and I'm in love! I'm over 30 and feel like a little kid again! I had Luke's ROTJ hasbro extending lightsaber when I was a kid and boy am I glad there are companies that make these realistic Sabers! A must have for true Star Wars fans!

Luke EP6
Best neopixel ever at such a great price

Most accurate budget replica of the return of jedi luke lightsaber, a must buy for any fan of luke! The display emitter and pommel make it so real. I wouldn't swing it too hard though because there is little blade depth. It is is only flaw. It comes with 27 soundfonts of several star wars character including luke of course.

Jesse Mu
Great Saber looks exactly as movie

The saber is great. The colors and sounds are pretty slick.

Cal EP3
Steven Gim
0 complaints.

Outstanding service and communication. Product was perfect, couldn't be better. So much thanks.

Cal EP4
This lightsaber has truly exceeded my expectations

The craftsmanship of this replica is absolutely remarkable. From the hilt's intricate design to the blade's vibrant glow, every detail has been meticulously recreated to resemble Cal Kestis' iconic lightsaber from Episode IV. Holding it in my hands, I couldn't help but feel a surge of excitement, as if I were about to embark on a grand Jedi adventure myself.

Perfect saber for a Mandalorian

Great sound and great durability. Its quality is incredible. The sound board is top notch and the charging ability is so nice. The tricks and moves are really smooth. Its brightness is incredible. Best working. Thank you.

Luke EP6
Such a neat piece of movie memorabilia!

I've wanted a lightsaber ever since the original 3 films were released back in the 80's. I've never thought to purchase one over the years as the technology just wasn't there to make it realistic or "cool" enough. Even the awesome sabers you can build at Disney were not quite there for me. The technology is there now I feel to make the most realistic lightsaber possible, without actually having the real thing. I ultimately purchased the Luke Skywalker replica as I was an absolute fan of Luke's saber from Return of the Jedi! I have been super happy with my purchase. I will admit that using the many features, (changing sound fonts, colors and getting the music to work properly) have proved a bit of a challenge for me but, all in all, this lightsaber is SO VERY COOL! I love just playing around with it and listening to the sound of the saber itself. I'm not an avid collector but simply a guy who wanted a replica lightsaber in my room. This has to be the neatest piece of movie memorabilia that I own!

Anakin EP3
Absolutly perfect

So many different colors and easy to use.

Cool bright toy perfect for this Halloween

I got my hands on the coolest and cheapest (ish) lightsaber in the galaxy, just in time for Halloween. Let me tell you, it's been a treat, not a trick!

First of all, this lightsaber's design is on point for the season, it looks sick, it makes a ghostly wail every time you swing it. I've never seen a lightsaber that perfectly complements my vampire costume. But the real treat is in the functionality. Hitting the tiny button once or twice or thrice activates a variety of light effects, color change, strobe, sound, yeah it’s got Star wars theme sound built-in, and the audio is louder than I’d like, in a quiet night.

All in all, this lightsaber is a delightful treat that'll bring your costume to life (figuratively, not literally—unless you're a Sith Lord). Just be careful not to go too crazy with it; remember, it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye, safety first, even though the blade is made of hard, smooth plastic, not glass or sharp thingy. Happy Halloween, and may the spooky force be with you!

Anakin EP3
David C.
This one is Amazing.

This is an amazing lightsaber that has all of the features of the more expensive models. I liked it so much that I bought a second one for my best friend. So far, He absolutely loves his.

kyle tischart
a well made lightsaber

super easy to use very bright and loud everything that was expected and as advertised well worth the price.

Kyle Katarn
Efrain S.
Beautiful saber!

it's built sturdy, hilt is made of steel and the charging port is hidden inside of the hilt. I do like the different saber sound effects, overall pretty cool.

very nice

I like it goes great with my jedi costume .

Boone Kestis
Zach Brown

The high quality and durability, absolutely AMAZING.

Kyle Katarn
The Force is with me...

Not bad for what it is. A little confusing on the operational end when it comes to changing the settings. The recharging port could have been placed where you don’t have to remove the end of the handle to charge it. But otherwise, would recommend it for anyone that is looking for a good light saber. The handle is all metal. Definitely a plus. It doesn’t feel like cheap plastic in which the markings of the handle wear off over time.

Anakin EP3
Awesome highly recommend

Package was nice and secure saber itself is wonderfully nice and light unlike the ones that Disney sells. Blade was terrific works great. Shout out to these people they are awesome.

Henry Jk
Beautiful saber for a great price!

I have had this for a few days and spent some time testing it out. Here are some my thoughts as there's pros and cons to this saber, and I'd say by far more pro’s:

- Looks great! Hilt is high quality and is super heavy. I'm not sure what more you could expect of it. Blade is super long too.
- Colours are vibrant and super bright and there are 12 modes for the blade...start up as a Jedi, or sith, or some funky ones like a rainbow, etc. I have the pixel one so that is expected.
- Sound is strong, can only set to high or low, or mute
- Weight overall is decent. It is a heavy blade overall
- App - there is a app that allows you to control the whole saber, so pretty cool

Cons - Controls - there is one button that controls it all. To make it switch start up modes, you have to hold it down for like 2 seconds. It’s takes a bit to learn but overall you will get it.
Weight - it’s a good and bad thing? It is heavy so it feels really super high quality but harder to do fancy moves on it.

So overall yes, it's a beautiful looking saber and much much cheaper than any of those official stores. The quality is there and I don’t see what else you would get from an official one.

Luke EP6
I recommend this saber

Clear recommendation! The processing is super, no sharp edges, thread running clean and close flush. Also the electronics is super processed and the plug are with shrink tube secured. The operation is very easy with the one button control and after some acclimatization goes the easily by hand. Very surprised me the smooth swing, this speaks at gentle movements and sounds real class. All in all a clear recommended buy from Superneox!

Lightsaber ready for battle!

This lightsaber is amazing!The overall workmanship looks exquisite, there will be sound effects after pressing the button, and the brightness of the lights is also very bright.I love it!