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Cal EP4

Really light weight but well made. Removable chassis is a bonus. One of the best kestis replicas out there. Five stars.

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Great lightsaber

This is a beautiful saber. I had a request during my order and the issue solved immediately. Thank you again.

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Adrian J.
Awesome first saber

Love it I feelik a little kid

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Love this lightsaber. My 1st and I'm happy it was this one

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Mike W.

My fiance is a huge star wars fan and I thought it would be a cool idea to get him the Luke saber. HE IS SO HAPPY! The price was great considering I got it on sale for the holidays and it is by far the best money I have ever spent on any gift.

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I really like this saber

So many different colors and easy to use.

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Christopher W.
Fantastic first dip into the world of Saber collecting for anyone.

Let me start by saying that this is only my second Saber. My first came from Temu and while, yes, it was from Temu, the manufacturer and seller was TXQ which is exactly who makes SuperNeos hilts.

The one from Temu I got for $16 on a wonky sale (Temu does weird things sometime) and honestly it was insanely good for the price point. It had smooth swing, multiple sound fonts and decent lighting.

All that out of the way, I wanted to dive deeper and order a PROPER hilt that was still not going to break the bank. Thankfully I found SuperNeoX during the holiday sales and fell in love with the Chrono hilt at $58.

Immediately upon receiving it, I could tell how much better quality this was going to be from the simplistic one I got from Temu. Opening up and seeing the sound chip alone you see much much better its built.

The smooth swing on the Chrono is very accurate. I put it through all kinds of motions and never felt like it registered any wrong inputs.

The lighting is very bright despite it being a Baselit blade. I wasn't quite ready for a Neopixel investment and as far as I'm concerned, idk what I'm missing as Baselit is plenty bright for me.

The sound fonts sound wonderful. Blade sounds all the way from Vader and Palpatine, to Luke and Qui-Gon. Even the Dark Saber is here which sounds wonderful.

One feature this has that my previous one did that is the inclusive of music. Which makes dueling feel so much cooler. Being able to swing at a friend with iconic music going is a great touch.

The sound overall sounds very crisp. But be aware, I'm comparing this to my Temu Saber so of course it sounds crisp. Lol. But in all seriousness, I think it sounds very nice.

There are two volume levels, but honestly they aren't that much different from one another. Low volume is sliiiightly lower, so I just leave it on that because it's VERY loud.

The design of the hilt itself is one of the reason I chose the Chrono. I love that it's not a replica, which means it's actually affordable, but I also love that it doesn't look generic either.

Without the grip tape, the Chrono hilt looks very Imperial/Sith to me. Adding Grip Tape makes it look like a Jedi's saber. So having that back and forth option makes this a great investment for beginners.

The blade itself is very durable. I beat my kitchen floor to test the clashing (registers fine btw) and have had a few duels with no noticeable wear or tear.

The charging port is on the inside of the hilt, which personally I like best. It sucks to have the electronics exposed while it charges, but I think the hilt looks better for it by having the USB-C slot hidden.

My one and ONLY complaint is that the color of Grip Tape that came with my hilt is not the color as shown in the pictures. It was supposed to be that light brown, but instead I was sent a very dark/espresso brown. It's fine, but not exactly what I was hoping for. The light brown looks so much better imo. Anyway that can be fixed SuperNeoX?

Overall though, this is 100% a 5 star saber for me. It's absolutely everything I wanted at the price point I got it at, and honestly even if I bought it at the full price of $110 I'd be just as happy.

Give this a shot if you're like me and looking to dip your toes into the scene. Or if you're an avid collector and you just want to keep collecting cool looking hilts.

Thank you for your feedback. For the grip tape issue, our previous grip tape colors were randomly shipped. After receiving feedback from everyone, we have decided to unify the colors.

Jedi Artifact
Anshul W.

Amazing battle sabers.

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At first I was skeptical with the great price and no real history of this web site. Though I took the chance and glad I did! The price was amazing and the quality is top of the scale. Shipping took a bit because of the holidays. Yet they informed me of the entire process as it took place. Will be using these guys again for sure!

Thank you for your support, it will make Galaxy better.

Great saber!

Half expected it to be a rip off but boy was I wrong! Great hilt and blade with incredible features

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Delivery took longer than advertised but Great quality saber! Smooth swing perfect sounds! Well worth the money! Will definitely be a buying more!!!

Thank you for your feedback, we are also angry about the logistics delays and will no longer work with this DHL agent. We'll provide better service.

Delivery slower than expected

Great item but delivery slower than expected. Missed Christmas

Due to DHL's logistics delay, some orders have been delayed , but for this order, 2 days processing and 9 days delivery is in line with our promise.

High detail saber and very well balanced

My nephew loved the one I got him for xmas....its great quality and shipped very fast

Thank you for your positive feedback. May your nephew be happy every day.

Anakin EP3
Cailin F.
Perfect gift for my boyfriend

The lightsaber came in perfect condition and was great quality! I was a little nervous ordering from a less popular website, but it was exactly what he wanted.

Thank you for your trust in this less popular lightsaber store. It's the source of our Force to provide better lightsabers and services.

Jonathan H.
Delivery takes a lot longer than advertised

Delivery takes a lot longer than advertised

Hello, some orders are delayed due to DHL's other ways, but for this order, 2 days processing and 9 days delivery is in line with our promise.

Force Nexus
Audrianna B.
Still haven't received either items

Paid for express shipping and haven't received either items I paid for yet. Spent $150 on both and shipping to get asap for christmas and there isn't even an update past December 21st!

Hello, We apologize for the bad experience with DHL. We have checked your order and the logistics show that it arrived at its destination on December 21st. Please contact DHL to determine why the delivery was not completed.

Lynette P.
Best Gift Ever!

Wow, it’s everything described and then some!
Amazing quality and beautiful colors! Response is on point as well!
Directions are a bit underwhelming so we just went to you tube and figured out how to change the colors.
Small complaint because it was easily resolved with a tiny bit of research!

Must Have for Saber enthusiasts!

Thank you very much for your kind feedback, we've also noticed that the instructions are a bit simple, we've gone live with the how-to guide and will be posting more video tutorials in the future. May you have a great Christmas!

Darth Maul
5 stars + 1M stars.

Hilt=So beautiful good weight Speaker is loudly Electric light and Flash on clash is very good Blade Good thickness then tight with neck are deep screw so tight with blade easy to swing

Thank you for choosing Superneox! May the Force be with you!

Christopher P.
They're asking for a review when I haven't received it yet.

I am yet to actually receive this and they're asking me to review it. I ordered this on December 4th, the cut off date to receive it by Christmas was the 13th. According to the tracking information a label has been made, no other effort to get it here has been made. I received an email from Sherry letting me know that it will not be here by Christmas. I am now stuck scrambling last minute to get a different present. Honestly, I wouldn't be as half as mad as I am if I didn't also get an email requesting a review for an order claiming it was fulfilled.

You'll get a 14-day automatic email review because we thought for sure the Jedi would get his beloved lightsaber in 10 days, but apparently the evil power of Sith logistics is something we failed to anticipate. Recent logistics updates indicate that it will be delivered Dec 23th. Honestly, we were concerned that this might be a Christmas present, so we would have done a risk warning, but being wrongly accused makes us sad.

Lightsabers are awesome.

Best affordable RGB Lightsaber there is to buy, yet.

Your positive feedback made our day!

Kyber Relic
Everything and Better

Real good made product. Bought a lower priced one and I imagine it does everything an expensive one does. Will be buying more in the future.

Thank you so much for your kind words. We are looking forward to serving you again in the future.

Aaron H.
It's a Christmas Present

I got this as a Christmas present for my brother. I opened it to make sure everything was there that needed to be, and I am glad to say that there was. I tested to see how well the light in the hilt lit up, and it was actually pretty bright without the blade on it.

Your brother will have a great Christmas, so will you!

Andrey J.
Best saber!

Fantastic product! Compared to the licensed ones that cost more money, this product is amazing. Coupled with the fact that you get every blade color under the rainbow and different ignition sequences, sounds, hums, etc... very happy with this purchase.

Thank you for your positive feedback ! We're glad to know you're enjoying our product.

good shit

Where do I even start? This saber is absolutely amazing, light weight and very durable. Every color looks great. I wouldn’t mind owning a neopixal version one day to spice up my videos.

Thank you for liking our lightsaber. It's our honor.

Rally R.
Better than expected!!!!

Awesome lightsaber! I had a slight issue that customer service helped with quickly, but am completely satisfied with the end result and now I feel like a Jedi!

Thank you for your support! May the Force be with you!