Welcome, fellow Jedi and enthusiasts of the Force, to the intergalactic realm of SUPERNEOX! Superneox is TXQ's Elite Partner, we offer only the highest quality Neopixel lightsabers and we accept all TXQ saber repairs.

Boone Kestis lightsaber
LUKE EP6 lightsaber
OBW EP3 lightsaber
Skyrim lightsaber

Our Story

Our tale begins on a distant planet, where ancient wisdom and modern technology converged. Born from the fervent passion of our founders, who possessed a deep connection to the Force, SUPERNEOX was destined to ignite the imaginations of warriors and seekers of truth. Guided by the spirits of ancient Jedi and Sith, The artisans of SUPERNEOX honed their skills, harnessing the Force to infuse each saber with unparalleled brilliance.

A Star Wars fan in a lightsaber cosplay

May the Force guide your steps as you explore the wonders of Superneox, for together, we shall illuminate the galaxy with brilliance.

SUPERNEOX - Where the Force Awakens Within You