Proffie V2.2 Lightsaber Operation Manual V1.1

Note that lightsabers generally have three states, off, standby, and active.

Standby mode is while your saber is on (accepting inputs) but the blade is not active.
Active mode is when your saber blade is lit (the LED is active) and making sound (if enabled).

PWR Button: Main Button, Power Button.
AUX Button: Auxiliary Button, Function Button.

(When the buttons are distributed up and down: Upper button is the main button, lower button is the AUX button; When the buttons are distributed left and right: Left button is the main button, right button is the AUX button)

1. Main operations

1.1 Power On/Off:

Make sure the batteries are inserted correctly and listen for the beep that indicates the lightsaber is in standby mode. (It is recommended to remove the batteries when not using the lightsaber).

1.2 Activate/Deactivate Lightsaber:

Press and release the main button to turn the lightsaber on or off.

1.3 Mute Mode:

When the lightsaber is off, double-click the main button to activate mute mode and turn the lightsaber on silently.

1.4 Motion Control:

Rotate the hilt to activate or deactivate the lightsaber.

2. While blade is active:

2.1 Blaster block:

Single-click the helper button.

2.2 FOC (Flash-on-Clash):

When the lightsaber makes contact or collision, it will automatically flash white light and make a sound.

2.3 Drag Floor Effect:

Hold down the main button and tap the tip of the blade.

2.4 Background Music:

Long press the main button to activate or deactivate the background music.

2.5 Change Color:

With the lightsaber on, hold down the Auxiliary button and quickly press the Main button. After hearing the prompt sound, slowly rotate the hilt to change the color of the lightsaber. Single click the main button to exit the color change mode after hearing the prompt sound.

3. While blade is in standby mode:

3.1 Adjust the volume:

Long press and hold the main and auxiliary buttons simultaneously until you hear a "beep" sound to enter or exit the volume adjustment mode. Short press the main button to increase the volume, and short press the auxiliary button to decrease the volume.

3.2 Switch sound effects:

Single-click the auxiliary button.