In a galaxy where the Force binds us all, Superneox has made it our sacred duty to bring the awe-inspiring beauty and authenticity of lightsabers to the hands of every aspiring Jedi and Sith. We believe that every true fan deserves a saber that embodies the spirit of the Force, combining advanced technology with the timeless enchantment of a galaxy far, far away.

Superneox shall bestow upon the chosen few the chance to claim their very own masterpiece - a lightsaber that balances elegance and power, precision and artistry.

Reward Rules

1. Giveaway Prizes

  • Each month, 1 lucky winners will receive a lightsaber. When a Padawan Prize investment, there will be up to 3 winners.
  • The winner will be notified via email and announced on Superneox social media.

2.Selection of Winners

  • Winners will be selected randomly from the pool of eligible participants.
  • The selection process will be conducted monthly.
  • The winner will be announced on the 24th of the month.

3. Prize Delivery

The prize will be shipped to the winner's address at no additional cost.

4. Ongoing Campaign:

  • The Superneox Lightsaber Giveaway is an ongoing campaign, with the new winner selected each month.
  • Participants who are not selected as winners in one month will remain eligible for future monthly drawings. No need to re-enter!

Methods of Participation:

1. Apprentice Tasks:

  • Follow @Superneox on one or more social media! (Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, etc. )
  • Share the lightsaber giveaway on your social media and encourage friends to participate in.

2. Online Application:

  • Visit Superneox website and locate the Lightsaber Giveaway Program.
  • Fill out the entry form with your name, email address, and country of residence.
  • Describe your reason for entering the giveaway, the social platform and account where you completed the Apprentice Tasks, and the action you will take after receiving the lightsaber.

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