Unmasking the Secrets of the Sith

On the dark side of the Force, the Sith have long shrouded themselves in mystery and secrecy. But their history, rituals, powers and intentions reveal much about these followers of the dark path.

Origins of the Sith Order

The Sith originated from a species called the Sith on the planet Korriban. Tapas into forbidden alchemical sciences and dark Side mysticism led the early Sith down a cruel path. After the Hundred Year Darkness conflict, exiled Dark Jedi landed on Korriban and mingled their abilities with the Sith. This fusion spawned a new empire under Sith philosophy.

Darth Vadar

Their order spread via brutal conquest until the Jedi defeated them. But the Sith endured, hiding and passing down their knowledge for a thousand years until Darth Bane established the Rule of Two. This system allowed the Sith to operate covertly until strong enough to exact revenge upon the Jedi.

Sith Code and Philosophy

The Sith code emphasizes unchecked passion, pursuit of power, and the freedom to exercise one's will. "Peace is a lie" reflects the Sith belief that conflict is necessary for growth. They cultivate hatred and fear to gain strength. Their rule of self-imposed agony teaches them to draw energy from pain. Above all, the Sith reject Jedi notions of calm, control and humility.

Sith Training and Abilities

Sith training regiments are brutal, designed to harden acolytes and purge weakness. Lessons often take place in secret chambers on planets like Korriban or hidden academies. Acolytes study Force techniques forbidden to Jedi like Force lightning, choking enemies, and siphoning life energy. Lightsaber forms rely on aggression and unpredictability.

Darth Vadar

To fully graduate, a Sith apprentice must challenge their master and take their place if successful. This ensures only the strongest lead the Sith. Those who fail are killed.

The Rule of Two

To avoid dangerous infighting and consolidation of enemies, Darth Bane established the Rule of Two. Only a single Master and Apprentice could exist at one time. The apprentice was to learn everything from the master, then destroy them and adopt an apprentice themselves, repeating the cycle. This rule allowed the Sith to remain hidden and amass power until their grand revenge.

Secrecy and Holocrons

Keeping their existence secret was key to the Sith plan. Sith Lords were given a Darth title and true name known only by the master. They erased records and history that would expose them. Forbidden teachings were passed down via encrypted Sith holocrons accessible only by powerful dark side users. These triangular devices contained the essence of deceased Sith Lords who could guide new generations.


The Sith legacy is one of secrecy, cunning and manipulation. But the true motivations of these dark side Force wielders - conquest, retribution or destruction - remain enigmatic. Much is still unknown about the legends and future of this ancient order.