Top 10 Bestselling Halloween Costumes on Amazon in 2023

As Halloween approaches, many consumers who love Halloween have already started shopping for their favorite costumes and decorations on Amazon. The search volume for Halloween-related keywords began rising as early as August.

Keyword "halloween costume" search volume

In mid-September, there was a significant increase of over 280% in the search volume for Halloween-related keywords compared to the previous month.

Keyword "halloween costume" searches in September

The current top 10 bestselling Halloween costumes on Amazon:

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1. Mario/Luigi

The release of the new movie "Super Mario Bros." in April 2023 has made the iconic costumes of the classic Super Mario video game series popular this year. One of the top-selling listings on Amazon that offers both Mario and Luigi costumes has been dominating this category, with over 13,000 units sold per month.

Mario Search Trends on amazon

The following image shows the search trend data for the keyword "mario costume" on Amazon, with a recent 80% surge in search volume within the past 30 days.

Mario Search Trends

2. Princess Peach

As another "star" from the Mario movie, Princess Peach costumes on Amazon have sold over 10,000 units monthly.

Princess Peach Search Trends

In the past month alone, the weekly search volume for Princess Peach costumes has significantly increased.

Princess Peach Search Trends on amazon

3. Wednesday Addams

The upcoming premiere of the movie "The Addams Family 3" on October 9, 2023, aligns perfectly with Halloween season excitement. The costume of the popular character "Wednesday Addams" from the classic series will be extremely popular this year, especially after the success of the Netflix series "Wednesday" in 2022.

Wednesday Addams Search Trends

Her iconic dark and quirky style will be widely sought after in 2023. The following image shows the upward trend in search volume for Wednesday Addams-related keywords. One of the most popular Wednesday Addams costumes on Amazon sells over 8,000 units per month, including the iconic dress, belt, gloves, socks, and wig.

Wednesday Addams Search Trends on amazon

4. Harry Potter

Harry Potter costumes have been a classic Halloween choice every year. In the past 30 days, the search volume for the keyword "Harry Potter costume" has grown by 143%.

Harry Potter Search Trends

Monthly sales of wizard robes exceed 4,000 sets.

Harry Potter Search Trends on amazon

5. Hermione

In the month leading up to Halloween, Hermione's costume sells over 6,000 units, generating over $180,000 in monthly revenue.

Hermione search trends

6. Barbie

The release of the new "Barbie" movie in July 2023 sparked a pink craze, and in subsequent months, search volume for Barbie costumes and related keywords has continued rising significantly.

Barbie Search Trends

The versatile Barbie has many iconic looks, but her best-selling costume is the pink denim outfit, exceeding $130,000 in monthly sales.

Barbie Search Trends on amazon

7. Ken

The keyword "Ken costume" receives 162,000 monthly searches and is growing weekly. 

Ken Search Trends

Like Barbie, Ken also has many iconic styles, making him a great Halloween costume choice. The popular cowboy outfit Ken costume on Amazon sells over $120,000 worth each month.

Ken Search Trends on amazon

8. Pro Football Player

Costumes related to the National Football League are always popular for Halloween and come in multiple sizes. Related listings generate over $500,000 in monthly sales.

Pro Football Player Search Trends

9. Cartoon Onesies

For those seeking a simple costume, cartoon onesies are undoubtedly a great option. Keywords related to Halloween onesies have high monthly search volumes, which continue rising as the holiday approaches.

Cartoon Onesies Search Trends

Amazon offers many cartoon character options, selling nearly 7,000 units and generating over $150,000 in revenue monthly.

Cartoon Onesies Search Trends on amazon

10. Inflatable T-Rex

As Halloween nears, search volume for keywords like "inflatable t-rex" and "inflatable dinosaur" naturally increases.

Inflatable T-Rex Search Trends

Average monthly sales revenue exceeds $28,000, with the top-selling inflatable T-Rex generating over $160,000 per month.

Inflatable T-Rex Search Trends

Additionally, here are the current top sellers in other popular costume categories:

  • - Top 5 Men's Costumes: Mario/Luigi, Ken, Viking, Harry Potter, Inflatable Dinosaur
  • - Top 5 Women's Costumes: Cartoon Onesies, Barbie, Hermione, Mario/Luigi, Wednesday Addams
  • - Top 5 Boys' Costumes: Mario/Luigi, Spider-Man, Inflatable Alien, Link, Spider-Man
  • - Top 5 Girls' Costumes: Princess Peach, Wednesday Addams, Hermione, Minnie Mouse, Little Mermaid
A cosplayer wearing Jedi robes

Listings for Star Wars costume pieces such as lightsabers, Mandalorian helmets, and Jedi robes have already seen an uptick in searches and sales in recent weeks, foreshadowing rising demand as Halloween draws closer. The excitement around the franchise is sure to make Star Wars a go-to choice for both kids and adults looking for a recognizable and trendy costume this year.

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