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  • Launch Date: January 18, 2024
  • Hilt Weight: 0.55 kg
  • Hilt Length: 12.2'' (31cm)
  • Blade OD: 1'' (2.5cm)
  • Hilt Material: Brass, Aluminum Alloy 6063
  • Blade Length: 32'' (82 cm) / 36'' (92 cm)
  • Blade Material: Removable Polycarbonate
  • Blade Thickness: 2mm(RGB) / 3mm(Neopixel)
  • Blade Weight: 0.16 kg(RGB) / 0.26 kg(Neopixel)

  • Battery Info: 18650 Unprotected, Flat top, 65mm
  • Charging Type: USB charging, No PC ports! Don't use when charging!
  • Adapter: 5V, 1A/2A
  • Charging time: 2h(RGB) / 4h(Neopixel)
How is the core different?
Blade length

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    Starkiller weathered lightsaber
    Starkiller lightsaber
    Starkiller lightsaber
    Starkiller saber hilt
    Starkiller lightsaber hilt
    Partial view of Starkiller lightsaber hilt
    Partial view of Starkiller saber hilt
    Partial view of Starkiller saber hilt
    Partial view of Starkiller hilt
    Starkiller lightsaber on display stand
    Best lightsaber collectible

    Product Description

    About Starkiller Lightsaber

    Embrace this extraordinary Starkiller lightsaber weathered version for saber lovers seeking an authentic and battle-hardened look. This saber is inspired by Galen Marek and is a true masterpiece. The weathered surface of this lightsaber is a testament to the trials and time its owner has faced, and the battle scars etched on the hilt are a reminder of past victories.

    The hilts of Starkiller lightsabers are carefully polished, and the authentic wear marks on the hilts show the long history of this weapon. At the same time, the hilts are designed with both aesthetics and experience in mind. The noble silver matte appearance makes people feel like they are on the edge of the West, and with a comfortable and smooth grip, it increases the time the saber can be swung, effectively protecting both hands from severe friction, allowing the user to wield this Starkiller lightsaber to their heart's content.

    In terms of saber functions, the Starkiller lightsaber weathered version is no less powerful than other lightsabers. The rich colors and realistic sound effects are the best proof of it. Just press the button lightly, and the blade will immediately ignite and emit brilliant colors. When you use it to duel, you will definitely be shocked by it. The Starkiller lightsaber is equipped with sound synchronization detection. Every swing and every collision, the blade will emit different sound effects, allowing you to enjoy the thrill of fighting, and it will definitely bring you the most realistic combat experience.

    Starkiller is a legendary lightsaber that tells time, tells tenacity, and tells victory. Embrace this weathered saber again, let it guide the powerful force hidden in your body, and immerse yourself in the eternal battle between light and darkness.

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    The Legendary Weapon: Starkiller Lightsaber


    • The most realistic version of the original lightsaber.
    • Personalized lightsaber via included 32GB SD card.
    • Interchangeable tough polycarbonate blade ready for heavy duty dueling.
    • Different blade colors/effects changeable with a button press or a wrist flick.
    • The Sound Board offers distinct sound effects for a superior experience.
    • Many saber lighting effects to choose from for an immersive duel.
    • Enjoy smooth swing and gesture ignition with highly sensitive motion sensors.
    • Flash-on-clash & Lock-up loop effect when two lightsabers are in combat.
    • Rechargeable / Removable lithium-ion battery for all-day cosplay without recharging.
    • Adjust the saber volume to your liking or even mute it!

    Neopixel Core Exclusive

    • The iconic gradual ignition and shutdown sequences.
    • Dynamic 50-watt LED strip for immersive cinema effects on the fly.
    • Chip-controlled independently illuminated LEDs for realistic effects.
    • Light and sound work together for an unparalleled experience.
    • Melt / Force / Drop effects to maximize the value of Kyber crystals.
    • Visually simulating the deflection of blaster bolts.

    Core Difference

    Core Features RGB Baselit Neopixel
    RGB S16 S-RGB SNV4 Pro Proffie V2.2
    Recommendation Budget friendly for duels Battle Ready and customization Brighter and more realistic Open source chip for ultimate experience
    Bluetooth No No
    Blade Color 12 12(Multi-color) 12(Multi-color) 12(Customizable)
    Sound Font 16 sets 27 sets (preset) 27 sets (preset) 25+ sets (preset)
    Blade Effect 4 kinds 4+ kinds 9+ kinds 9+ kinds
    Ignition Effect No No 11 effects 25 effects,
    changed with soundfonts
    LED Light 12W lamp beads 12W lamp beads 50W Strip Light 50W Strip Light
    18650 Battery
    2000mAh 2000mAh 3200mAh 3200mAh
    Gesture Ignition
    Smooth swinging
    Blaster, Locking,
    Flash on Clash (FOC)
    Melt / Force /
    Drap Effects
    No No
    SD Card No 32 GB 32 GB 32 GB
    Customization No App control App control Sounds & Colors matching

    Real Saber Duel Videos

    Unboxing Video Reviews

    Confidential Package Contents

    Handle*1, Blade*1, Tool kit*1, Manual*1, Charging cord or Charging case*1;

    Neopixel core exclusive:

    RGB blade plug *1, Horizontal display stand*1.

    The saber box does not show any brand information or product details. Boxes differ based on hilt size, blade length, and the number of accessories.


    Who is SUPERNEOX?

    Superneox is TXQ's elite partner, we offer only high quality & budget-friendly Neopixel lightsabers and we accept all TXQ saber repairs. You can see us on the Associated Press, Yahoo News, The Globe and Mail, and more.

    Are these lightsabers battle ready?

    Sure, Superneox sabers are designed for full contact dueling and can withstand heavy dueling. Our blades are made of a strong polycarbonate material that is shatterproof and has a slight flexibility to prevent them from breaking.

    How many colors does the lightsaber have?

    All core included 12 blade colors:
    Red, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Ice Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, Purple, Pink-Green, Rose, White.

    Proffie Core Unlimited Customization

    How many Soundfonts does the lightsaber have?

    The S-RGB & SNV4 Pro core included 27 Preinstalled Soundfonts:
    Ahsoka, Anakin, Blue Lady Master, Depa, Darth Maul, Dookula, DSR, Emperor, Fallen Order Cal, Frolic Frog (Yoda), Graflex IX (Rev 9), Grumpy Ben (Kylo Ren), Inquisitor, Luke Skywalker, Mace Windu, Mando Saber, Master Mundi, Obi Wan EP3, Quin VOS, Revanchist (Blue), Revanchist (Red), Temple Guard, TFU Secret Apprentice (Star Killer), The Lost Sister, The Princess, Tulak Hord, Vader.

    The Proffie core included 25 Preinstalled Soundfonts:
    Angelic Plazma, Animation, Boba S1E5 Mando, Darth Maul, DSR, Electric Essence, Emperor, FallenOrder Calbundle, Jump Bike, Jurassic, L-Skywalker, Obi EP3, RgueCmdr, Sebulba, SmthFuzz, SmthGrey, SmthJedi, StarGate, TeenysSF, The Begginer, The Prize, Tracks, TthCrstl, Ultron, UnHinged.

    How many blade effects does the lightsaber have?

    The S-RGB core have 4 blade effects:
    Stable, pulse, ghost, blaster.

    The Neopixel(SNV4 & Proffie) core have 9 blade effects:

    You Are the Master


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Yeehung C. (GB)
    Love the saber. Well made quality hilt and design.

    Love the saber. Well made quality hilt and design. Full metal and has a great weight to it. Takes a bit of getting use to the options but this means we can play with this for hours. Time passes so quickly when you’re enjoying this lightsaber. Would recommend. Also a shout out to the excellent service. Answered all my questions as I had a few and arrived quickly. Great company

    We are honored to connect with so many lightsaber collectors.


    great design.. solid and light

    Gregory H.
    Its cool

    I only recently got in to star wars, and i have a couple real historical weapons so i thought it wold be funny and cool to have a light saber in my collection, the quality is super high and i honestly love it, its really awesome.

    Thank you for your positive feedback. May you be happy every day.

    John B.

    great hilt great sound just great.

    Thank you for your feedback. May the Force be with you!