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Display stand

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    At Superneox, we believe that lightsabers are more than just powerful weapons, they are highly valuable art collectibles that deserve to be prominently displayed and admired. The display stand is meticulously crafted with the utmost attention to detail. Made from clear acrylic material, it enhances and accentuates the intricate craftsmanship of your lightsaber.
    The durability of stand ensures that your lightsaber remains securely supported, providing peace of mind while displaying your prized possession. The transparent design creates a floating effect, giving the illusion that your saber is suspended in mid-air, sparking conversations about the allure of the Force.

    Vertical display stand
    Vertical Display Stand
    Horizontal Display Stand
    Horizontal display stand
    Vertical display stand
    Horizontal display stand split parts
    SNV4 core upgrade to SNV4 Pro