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Saber coupler

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    Crafted from T6 aircraft-grade aluminum, the coupler is engineered to provide a secure and sturdy connection for two separate 1-inch blades, transforming your lightsaber into a formidable dual-blade light spear. This innovative accessory unlocks a whole new level of combat techniques, allowing you to wield the power of two blades simultaneously.
    The strength and durability of Superneox coupler ensure that your dual-blade lightsaber remains firmly intact during intense duels and rigorous training sessions. The precise engineering of the coupler allows for easy installation and removal, giving you the flexibility to switch between single and dual-blade configurations effortlessly.

    Male couplers apply:
    Jedi Artifact

    Female couplers apply:
    Force Nexus, Tatooline, Aurelian, Knight Legacy, Chrono, Beskar Echo, Kyber Relic

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    sliver lightsaber coupler
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