Discover the Complete Guide to the Crossguard Lightsaber

In the Star Wars universe there are various types of weapons, one such saber that was controversial when it first appeared was the Crossguard Lightsaber, but today there are many fans who love these, so what has caused this shift?

In this article, we're going to delve deeper into this controversial Star Wars weapon, learn the secrets behind the Crossguard Lightsaber, and get ready to immerse yourself in the world of the Crossguard saber.

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Types of Lightsabers in Star Wars

It is a known fact that there are many lightsabers present in Star Wars and these sabers differ in terms of color, form and style. Among these various types of sabers, the following types of sabers exist:

1.Single-bladed lightsaber: this is the most common and most used type of saber in Star Wars, representing the character Luke Skywalker, this traditional saber is the most famous and loved by many.

2.Double-bladed saber: represented by Darth Maul, this is another very famous type of saber. Unlike the single-edged saber, this type of weapon has two blades attached to the hilt, which can be used not only in conjunction with each other, but also separately, which allows for a more flexible, powerful and versatile fighting style.

Darth Maul Weathered lightsaber - red #version_weathered

3.Bending lightsaber: representative characters Asoka Tano and Count Dooku. This type of saber is also characterized by its curved shape of the blade, which allows for more precise and fluid movements in combat. It is worth noting that the curved lightsaber used by Ahsoka is also a double-edged saber that is made up of two curved hilts.

4.Crossguard Lightsaber: Represented by Kylo Ren, the Crossguard saber is a very unique saber that utilizes a cruciform design with three blades, a main blade and two vents located underneath it, and is a saber that has only become popular in recent years.

5.Duplex saber/Whip: Represented by Vernestra Rwoh, this type of lightsaber has adjustable blade lengths and can be used as either a whip.

Origin of the Crossguard Lightsaber

The origin of the Crossguard Lightsaber can be traced back to the High Republic period when the probability of the Crossguard saber was first introduced, during this time the Jedi Order was in its heyday and the Jedi were experimenting with different saber designs, among them the Crossguard saber.

The Crossguard Saber is said to have been created by a Jedi Master named Tesur who was inspired by it. The weapon was created by extending two shorter blades from either side of a single-edged saber and extending from the hilt at a 45-degree angle to form a crossguard, which was the prototype of the Crossguard Lightsaber, a design that offered greater protection.

Crossguard Lightsaber

Over the centuries, the Crossguard saber began to gain popularity, and due to the threat of the Sith, the Crossguard Saber was modified to accommodate different styles of combat, gradually evolving into the form it is known for today.

While the Crossguard Lightsaber is still considered a controversial weapon, with some praising its utility and others criticizing its design, there is no denying that the origins of the Crossguard saber are emblematic of the ongoing development of the weapon and an important part of Star Wars history.

What is the meaning of crossguard lightsaber?

The crossguard saber has become one of the iconic sabers of Star Wars due to its unique design. crossguard lightsabers are not only special because of their appearance, but also because of the deeper meaning that lies behind the popularity of these.

The explanation of the significance of crossguard saber can be in terms of utility, the crossguard saber has two blades that extend from both sides to block and redirect the attacks of the opponents, giving the user a stronger protection.

In addition to this, the deeper symbolism of the crossguard lightsaber is inextricably linked to the Force. The blades on the sides represent the light and dark sides of the Force, while the center blade represents balance. The crossguard saber is just like the two sides of the Force, the only way to keep the balance is to keep the darkness at bay, which also demonstrates the user's strength of will and ability to resist the temptation of the dark side.

Crossguard saber

The role of the cross lightsaber

The crossguard lightsaber is a unique weapon with an unconventional design that allows it to function differently than a traditional one.

The crossguard saber is a symbol of balance, not only balancing the two sides of the Force, but also balancing the saber as it is wielded. The two edges of the blade add stability, helping the user to maintain stability and control during combat or training. In addition, the crossguard saber has a great advantage in close combat. While the main blade fights against the enemy, both blades can be used for defense to prevent the opponent from suddenly changing the direction of the attack and making it difficult to fight, and in addition to defense, it can also be used for offense, and in the case of dueling, through the skillful mastery of the it, you can flexibly use the crossguard lightsaber's three blades. The three blades can be used to attack your opponent with a fierce and unknown attack.

Star Wars characters who use crossguard lightsaber

1.Kylo Ren

An iconic crossguard lightsaber user, Kylo Ren's saber is a striking sight. The cross design of Kylo Ren's, with its fiery, crimson blade, gives a sense of great oppression, and the saber symbolizes his inner conflict, reflecting his tumultuous journey through the Light Side and the Dark Side of the Force.

Kylo Ren red Crossguard Lightsaber

2.Stellan Geos

Jedi Master Gios possesses a retractable crossguard lightsaber, the blades on either side of which shrink up when it is not ignited and reappear to provide protection when the saber is ignited.

3.Karl Kestis

During an expedition against the Galactic Empire, Jedi Knight Karl Kestis wielded a crossguard lightsaber, and later added the crossguard feature to his saber himself.

CalKestis Crossguard lightsaber

4.Ezra Bridger

Ezra Bridger found an ancient green crossguard weapon in Marajo, but when he picked it up and lit it on fire, the saber was immediately damaged.

Why does Kylo Ren have a crossguard lightsaber?

The red crossguard lightsaber that Kylo Ren uses emits a hot and unstable energy when he ignites it, which is very intimidating. There are several reasons why Kylo Ren chooses to use a crossguard saber instead of a single-bladed .

1.Release of energy

Kylo Ren's red lightsaber differs from traditional sabers in that it looks unstable and makes a crackling sound when ignited. This is because Kylo Ren himself is very unstable in the Force due to his inner conflict and his connection to the Dark Side, and with the crossguard saber he can release this unsettling energy through the vents, preventing it from destabilizing the weapon.

2.Deterrent effect

Kylo Ren crossguard weapon is an extension of his persona and a symbol of his dark side warrior identity. The unstable red saber represents his inner conflict. crossguard lightsaber's imposing and raging appearance is able to demonstrate his power and intimidate his enemies.

Kylo Ren Crossguard Lightsaber

3.Personal Style

Choosing the crossguard lightsaber is different from the traditional saber and can clearly separate him from other characters, which reflects his desire to carve his own path.

4.Practical Role

The crossguard lightsaber is an offensive and defensive weapon, with the main blade attacking and the blades on either side attacking or defending, giving Kylo Ren an advantage in battle, and allowing him to use more techniques and fighting styles to deal with enemies of his own strength.

crossguard lightsaber's iconic fights

In Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker, Kylo Ren uses the crossguard lightsaber in his final showdown with Rey, and the battle is one of the most iconic and exciting battles of the crossguard saber. On the wreckage of the Death Star, the two opponents went head-to-head. Kylo Ren's unstable blade adds to the excitement of this battle, which is also a duel between light and darkness.

Crossguard lightsaber duel

An epic battle scene showcasing the power of the crossguard lightsaber is also seen in Star Wars: The Last Jedi when Kylo Ren uses his weapon to destroy temples and Jedi antiquities!

Additionally, the crossguard saber has appeared in various books and comics, such as in the novel Star Wars: Jedi Light, where Jedi Knight Avar Kris uses her unique crossguard saber to defend herself against a massive attack. Avar's smooth and elegant fighting style combined with her unique lightsaber make for an exhilarating battle scene.

How to master crossguard lightsaber skills

Mastering the crossguard lightsaber requires a certain amount of skill, and unlike a traditional saber, to use it skillfully, you have to be adept at utilizing both sides of the blade in combat. Simply put, the blade must be utilized for attack and defense. Both sides of the blade can withstand attacks from different directions from the opponent, and when using it, one must be skillful in order to accurately deflect and block the opponent's saber attacks.

Another technique is to use the lightsaber's multiple blades at different angles when wielding it. Unusual and unpredictable blade attacks often catch teammates off guard and make them difficult to defend against.

Overall, mastering the use of the crossguard saber requires a combination of skill and physical coordination, which should be practiced diligently and skillfully. In addition, wielding the crossguard allows you to use your imagination to visualize different ways of attacking, which may also improve your combat skills and resilience.


The unique design of the crossguard lightsaber will continue to energize Star Wars and become a fan favorite and integral part of the franchise, and more crossguard sabers can be expected in future Star Wars.