The Evolution Of Revan's Red And Purple Lightsaber: The Jedi's Path To Balance

There are many impressive characters in the Star Wars universe, and one of them, the Jedi Knight, revan, is certainly an iconic character; few people have two highly conflicting lightsabers that symbolize opposites, and it just so happens that revan is such an amazing character that he has left a lasting impression on fans.

In this blog post, we're going to uncover the story behind revan, explore how he transformed from powerful Darkseid to Jedi, and the symbolism of revan's lightsaber. Join us on a Star Wars adventure and a journey to uncover the mystery of revan.

Revan's Sith Lightsaber: The Red Light

Revan's first lightsaber was the lightsaber he used when he was a Sith Lord, also known as the Darth revan lightsaber. This lightsaber had a red blade and was a result of his role as a powerful Sith Lord. The Sith use a process known as "bleeding" to make red crystals for their lightsabers, which serve as the core of the lightsab

Revan's Sith lightsaber first appeared during the Mandalorian War and was used to fight the Ultimate Mandalorian, and after being turned to the Dark Side of the Force by the Sith Emperor, Revan kept the saber as a weapon and replaced the original blue crystal with a scarlet crystal. He became known as darth revan lightsaber.

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Darth Revan lightsaber

Revan's Sith Lightsaber's Final Battle

Revan's last battle with a Sith lightsaber was against his former apprentice Darth Malak. After being backstabbed by Malak, revan was captured and brainwashed by the Jedi Council. After regaining his memories, revan fought Kirk and defeated Malak with a Sith lightsaber. This battle was the final battle of Revan's Red Lightsaber and marked the end of his time as a Sith Lord.

Revan Sith Lightsaber Specifications




Sith Lightsaber /

Darth Revan Lightsaber


Single blade




Synthetic crystal

Blade color


Handle material

Alloy metal

Symbolism of the Red Lightsaber

It is said that revan acquired his lightsaber during his sith training, and when he acquired the lightsaber, it represented revan's beginning of his journey to the dark side of the world, and symbolized revan's willingness to embrace the dark side of the world. revan's red lightsaber played a huge role in his dark side of the world, and not only gave him a strong power to support him, but also represented his status as an honored sith lord.

revan red lightsaber

Revan's Jedi Lightsaber: Purple Light

Revan's second lightsaber is also known as the Jedi Revan Lightsaber. Instead of the blue color commonly used by Jedi, it is a rare purple light saber that falls somewhere between blue and red. The lightsaber was acquired by Revan after he left the Sith to join the Jedi. Revan used the natural Adgan crystal as the core of the lightsaber, and when the Adgan crystal was combined with the Khyber crystal, a unique purple color was created. This purple lightsaber accompanies revan on his path of redemption and balance.

revan purple lightsaber

So, in general, Revan has used a total of two lightsabers, one is a purple lightsaber that symbolizes his Jedi identity, and the other is a red lightsaber he used when he was a Sith. These two lightsabers The saber also represents Revan's change of identity and change of beliefs.

Revan's Jedi Lightsaber's Final Battle

During the Cold War, the Republic learned of revan's imprisonment due to the intervention of the Force Ghost of Mitra Surik, who had been accompanying revan. A Republic commando team was sent to Talar V and succeeded in freeing revan. after his rescue, revan traveled to the foundry with his purple lightsaber and wielded it against the forces under the command of Darth Malgus, who ordered the capture of the station and the killing of revan. the battle was fierce, and revan appeared to be defeated, but before the fatal blow could be delivered he had already He disappeared without a trace. After returning to the Order of Revan, the purple lightsaber remained with the Dark Side Fuel Knight until his final fall at the hands of the Republic and Imperial forces led by the Yavin IV Raiders.

Revan Jedi Lightsaber Specifications




Jedi Lightsaber


Single blade



Shank shape


Handle material

Alloy metal

Blade color


Purple Lightsaber Symbolism

The purple lightsaber represents the transformation of revan, from red to purple lightsaber color this transformation is not only physical but also psychological. As he delves into the dark side, he begins to question the consequences of his choices, and this strong inner urge drives revan to seek redemption on the light side. Tracking revan from the dark side onto the path of redemption and light. A journey that balances the light and darkness of the Force.

What do you think of revan?

Revan is a complex and powerful character in Star Wars. He is a skilled warrior and strategist who leads his army against the Old Republic. He then chooses to leave the Dark Side and seek redemption due to an internal conflict, a transformation that demonstrates revan's inner fortitude and wisdom, his conviction in the direction he chooses to go and the actions he takes to achieve what he believes is right. revan's story is undeniably captivating, and the impact of his tale will continue to be felt for years to come.

The legacy of Revan's lightsaber

The legacy of Revan's twin lightsabers extends far beyond his journey and character. revan's lightsaber has become one of the iconic weapons of Star Wars, a symbol of balance and redemption in the Star Wars universe. And revan's dual lightsabers made such an impression on fans that they are still in circulation today.

The Revan lightsaber has also had an impact on later Star Wars weapons, such as in Star Wars - The Clone Wars, where Ahsoka Tano wields a dual lightsaber similar to the Revan's, demonstrating the unique impact of the Revan lightsaber.
The Revan lightsaber is not just a weapon, it's a symbol. Its influence in Star Wars will live on and continue to have a profound effect on the fanbase, an effect that is evident in fan collections and cosplay.


The Revan lightsaber represents both revan's past as a sith lord and his present as a jedi, from the red of the dark lord to the purple of the redeemed jedi, it is a powerful and complex process that highlights the themes of redemption and balance, and revan's spirit will continue to influence many more Star Wars characters.


1.What are the colors of revan lightsabers?

The revan lightsaber red and purple colors, one red lightsaber used by revan during his sith days, the other purple lightsaber wielded after becoming a jedi knight

2.revan's red lightsaber or purple lightsaber is stronger

In terms of power, there is no difference between revan's red lightsaber and the purple lightsaber. The symbolism and meaning behind each lightsaber may make it feel more powerful. So it depends on each person's interpretation.

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4.Is it necessary to purchase both of revan's lightsabers?

If you're a big fan of the story and meaning behind revan, Clear Columns suggests you purchase both lightsabers, either as a collection or cos.

5.How does Revan's lightsaber differ from other Jedi and Sith lightsabers?

The revan lightsaber has an extremely rare purple light. The crystals are made from natural Adegen crystals rather than man-made crystals making revan's lightsaber different from traditional Sith lightsabers.