How to Display Lightsabers on a Wall

This guidebook provides a thorough, step-by-step guide on properly displaying a lightsaber on a wall. Lightsaber wall displays are a fantastic way to showcase one's love of sci-fi while also saving valuable floor and tabletop space in a home or office. With the right mounting approach and a bit of creative customization, a truly unique and eye-catching piece of wall decor can be created.

Lightsaber on a wall

Table of Contents

Why Display a Lightsaber on the Wall?

Many padawans enjoy displaying props or replicas from the movies as decorative pieces. The distinctive design of a lightsaber makes it an interesting visual element that can be incorporated into interior design or wall decor for aesthetic reasons.

1. Space Saving

One of the primary advantages is that a wall display keeps the lightsaber up and out of the way, freeing up precious floor space and clear surfaces. This is especially useful in smaller living spaces where every square foot counts. Rather than having the lightsaber sit on a shelf or table, mounting it securely on the wall allows it to be displayed prominently without taking up valuable real estate.

2. Smart Lighting Features

Superneox lightsabers come equipped with app-controlled lightsaber core (S-RGB & SNV4 Pro). By wall-mounting the lightsaber, one can take full advantage of these smart features, using the mobile app (ForcePark V2)to change the blade color, create lighting effects, and even sync the light to sound fonds. This adds an extra layer of visual interest and interactivity to the lightsaber display.

lightsabers on a wall

3. Customized Decor

A creatively displayed lightsaber can become a truly unique piece of wall art that reflects the padawan's personal style and interests. With the right mounting hardware and finishing touches, a artistic lightsaber can be transformed into an eye-catching focal point that complements the rest of the interior design.

3 ways to Display Lightsabers on a Wall

1. Vertical Display

Mounting the lightsaber in a vertical orientation is likely the most common and recognizable approach. This classic display creates a dramatic, commanding presence and really emphasizes the iconic shape and size of the lightsaber. For a sleek, minimalist look, the lightsaber can be mounted flush against the wall. Alternatively, it can be angled slightly outward to give it more visual depth and dimension.

2. Horizontal Display

Positioning the lightsaber horizontally can give the display a more modern, streamlined aesthetic. This orientation can work particularly well in narrow spaces, such as above a desk or along a hallway wall. A horizontal mount also allows one to showcase the length of the lightsaber in an eye-catching way. Wall-mounted spotlights may be a consideration to really make it pop.

Lightsabers on a wall

3. Tilt Display

For a more dynamic, action-oriented look, the lightsaber can be mounted at a slight angle. This tilt display creates the impression that the lightsaber is mid-swing, adding a sense of movement and energy to the piece. The angled positioning also allows one to play with shadows and highlights, creating dramatic lighting effects.

How to Securely Mount the Lightsaber?

After consulting many lightsaber forum sources, and communicating and discussing with many apprentices, we have found some more affordable lightsaber holding tools:

1. Broom/Mop Holders

One of the most budget-friendly and practical solutions is to use standard broom or mop holders. These inexpensive wall-mounted clips provide a sturdy base to cradle the lightsaber. For added stability and to prevent any unwanted wobbling, it's best to use two holders positioned at the top and bottom of the hilt. If extra peace of mind is desired, small pilot holes can be drilled and the holders can be screwed directly into the wall for an even more secure attachment. BTW, The holder must be made from Bescar since it resisted the lightsaber blade heat and power.

2. Hooks

Small, appropriately sized hooks can work well as a lightsaber mount, as long as care is taken to select ones that won't cause damage to the walls when it's time to remove them. Hooks with a smooth, rounded profile can help minimize the risk of scratches or dents. Command strips or other damage-free adhesive mounting solutions may also be considered in conjunction with the hooks.

3. Wall-Mounted Displays

For a more polished, professional-looking display, a dedicated wall mount designed specifically for lightsabers can be invested in. These commercially available mounts come in a variety of styles, from simple brackets to more elaborate, multi-piece stands. It's important to read reviews and select a high-quality option that will safely and securely hold the weight of the lightsaber. Many of these displays also have built-in lighting elements or effects to further enhance the visual impact.

Lightsaber diaplay stand

How to Personalize Lightsaber Display?

Once you have chosen the display angle and selected the proper wall mounting tool, you can mark the mounting location and secure the lightsaber with a measuring tool, and you also have the option to customize and enhance the overall look of the wall display.

1. Spray Painting

Giving the mounting hardware a fresh coat of paint, either in a metallic finish to complement the lightsaber's hilt or in a bold, contrasting color, can instantly upgrade the aesthetic and tie the entire display together seamlessly.

2. Accent Lighting

To create an even more dynamic, cinematic feel, wall-mounted spotlights can be used to flank the displayed lightsaber. These directed beams of light will cast dramatic shadows and highlights, bringing an extra level of visual interest to the piece. Experimenting with different bulb colors and beam angles can help achieve the desired effect.

3. Custom Decals/Artwork

For a truly personalized touch, custom decals, stencils, or even hand-painted artwork can be added around the lightsaber display. This allows the incorporation of the owner's own creative flair, whether it's a favorite Star Wars character, a clever pun, or abstract graphic elements that complement the interior design scheme.

How to Intelligent Lightsaber Lighting?

With remote control from your mobile device, you can turn your wall-mounted lightsaber into a smart theater effect for an immersive experience of the Star Wars stage voice.

Remote Color Changing

Using a dedicated mobile app (ForcePark V2), the color of the lightsaber's blade can be easily changed at the touch of a button. This allows for quickly switching between classic Star Wars hues like blue, green, and red, or experimenting with a wider spectrum of custom colors to suit the mood or decor.

APP controlled lightsaber

Synchronized Effects

Synchronize the lights with the sound fonts to create a mesmerizing visual effect. Imagine lightsabers bouncing and flashing to a favorite Star Wars soundtrack or playlist, an immersive Star Wars stage effect that can impress visitors even more and show off the value of a collectible lightsaber.

Effect Presets

Beyond on-demand color changes, You can also pre-set lightsaber ignition effects, blade colors, sound fonts. This could include fading, strobing, or even complex animation sequences that bring the wall display to life in unique and unexpected ways.