Revealing all about the Ezra Bridger Lightsaber

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Star Wars universe is undoubtedly the variety of lightsabers, almost every major character has wielded a saber, and some have even used more, ezra bridger is one such person.

Ezra bridger has used three lightsabers in his Jedi career, each with their own characteristics, in this article we will explore everything about ezra bridger's saber and examine his Jedi journey through his three sabers.

Ezra bridger's jedi journey

Before exploring the ezra bridger lightsaber, it's important to learn more about the weapon's owner, ezra bridger. Unlike the others, ezra bridger had a tragic childhood as a street orphan from Lothal, living a life of misery. It was only when he met the crew of the Ghost that his life changed.

After joining the Ghost, he began training as a Jedi Knight under Kahan Jallus, and because of his extreme sensitivity to the Force, ezra bridger progressed very quickly and his Force powers increased rapidly. Later, Jareth led ezra bridger to the Jedi Temple on Lothal, where he underwent a series of tests for Jedi training and was given a Khyber crystal within the temple, signifying the birth of ezra bridger's lightsaber.

ezra bridger

Ezra bridger's journey as a jedi was not an easy one. He struggled with his past and his emotions, but as he faced challenges and grew in his abilities, he began to understand the importance of balance and control in the Force. Throughout his Jedi journey, ezra bridger also develops a strong bond with his fellow Rebels, specifically Kanan and Sabine Rayne. Together, they fought against the Empire and made a significant impact on the Rebellion.

Ultimately, ezra bridger's journey to the Jedi led him to make great sacrifices to save his friends and bring down the Empire. Together with his friend and mentor Ahsoka Tano, he disappears into uncharted regions in search of a way to defeat the evil forces that threaten the galaxy.

The lightsaber of ezra bridger

It is well known that during ezra bridger's Jedi career, he wielded three different lightsabers and all three had different forms, each with their own characteristics.

Ezra bridger's first lightsaber

Ezra bridger's first weapon was a blue lightsaber, which was created after ezra bridger obtained a kyber crystal at the temple during his training at the temple. ezra modified the saber with an attachment from a blaster, which can be considered a hybrid of the two. This weapon is different from the traditional saber, it has two modes, one is saber mode, the other is explosive energy mode, when in saber mode, ezra bridger can freely adjust the blade in battle, and the blade of ezra bridger's first lightsaber is very light, allowing him to release moves and skills at a much faster speed. While in burst energy mode, ezra bridger sets this mode to blast stun, which allows him to escape in time if he is in a dangerous situation.

ezra bridger first lightsaber

Ezra bridger's first saber is unique in that it has the traditional blue blade, but it is naturally different from the traditional one because of the two modes, allowing his saber to be wielded not only as a lightsaber, but also as a blaster. ezra bridger's first weapon is unique in that it has the traditional blue blade, but it is naturally different from the traditional one because of the two modes, allowing his lightsaber to be wielded not just as a saber, but also as a blaster. ezra bridger is more interested in the utility of the weapon, and as an atypical Jedi, he is more concerned with surviving dangerous situations, which is why his first saber is so special.

Ezra bridger's second lightsaber

The second saber of ezra bridger is also known as Sabine Rayne Lightsaber which is a green saber constructed by ezra bridger. After the battle of Darth Vader, ezra bridger's first weapon was destroyed and he had no choice but to start building his second saber. Unlike the first lightsaber, this saber was of a traditional design, not a hybrid between a saber and a blaster, and the kyber crystal had been changed from its previous blue color to green, and the hilt came with a black grip and silver accents.

ezra bridger second lightsaber

After the ezra bridger served its purpose well, he gave this second lightsaber to Raine, which is why the weapon is also known as the Sabine Raine saber. In Raine's hands, the overall design of this weapon remained the same, with just a few simple modifications to give it a larger emitter shield.

Ezra bridger's third lightsaber

Ezra bridger's third lightsaber is a blue saber created with the help of Hu Yang to replace the weapon he gave to Raine. The design is very similar to the saber of his master, Jareth, and this is an intentional move by ezra bridger to honor Jareth, who meant a lot to him. This weapon is also made of blue kyber crystal and has the same emitter shroud as the Jallus lightsaber.

Ezra bridger's third lightsaber is very important to himself, and he has used this weapon in many battles, including the final showdown with his arch-enemy Thorne. However, in order to save his friend, ezra bridger eventually disappeared into uncharted territory. ezra bridger's third saber can be said to have witnessed his maturation as a Jedi Knight, and is a symbol of his Force.

ezra bridger third lightsaber

Ezra bridger lightsaber specifications

First Lightsaber

Second Lightsaber

Third Lightsaber

Creation Date


2 BBY - 3 BBY



Lightsaber/Blaster Hybrid

Modified Lightsaber

Traditional Lightsaber

Blade Type

Single Blade

Single Blade

Single Blade

Hilt Design

Dual-Grip Design




Kyber Crystal

Kyber Crystal

Kyber Crystal






Equipped with Stun Device

Emitter Shroud

Emitter Shroud

Ezra bridger lightsaber fighting style

The fighting style of the ezra bridger lightsaber is one that has changed and evolved throughout his Jedi career.

Initially, ezra bridger's fighting style was influenced by Jareth, learning Soresu's lightsaber form and focusing primarily on defense. However, as his connection to the Force deepened, ezra bridger began to develop his own fighting style, incorporating moves from Type IV Ataru, Type V Shien/Djem So and even Type VII Juyo.

Ezra bridger's lightsaber combat is characterized by agility and quick reactions. This can be seen in his lightsabers, all of which have a lighter hilt mass, allowing him to increase his speed and strength in battle, making it easier for him to maneuver his saber.

Sabine Wren lightsaber

Significance of ezra bridger's lightsaber

Ezra bridger's saber symbolizes his growth as a Jedi. Each lightsaber has accompanied him on his journey and has seen him go from a young Padawan to a mature Jedi. For ezra bridger, the saber is more than just a weapon, it is a symbol of his fight for justice and freedom.

Ezra Bridger's lightsaber has deep symbolism and meaning for both the young Jedi Padawan and those who knew him. The design of the saber is unique and reflects Ezra's own journey and struggle.

Ezra bridger lightsaber significant battle moments

Throughout ezra bridger's Jedi journey, the ezra bridger lightsaber played an important role in his entire journey. From his early career to his final journey, the ezra bridger saber remained with him as a symbol of his growth and development.

One of the most famous moments of ezra bridger's lightsaber was on the planet Malachor, where ezra bridger faced off against the mighty Sith Lord Darth Vader. The young ezra bridger's lack of strength led to his defeat and the destruction of his saber, but after the battle ezra bridger's battle experience grew rapidly and he was able to develop his skills and experience in the field. But after this battle, ezra bridger's combat experience grew rapidly, and his understanding of the Force deepened.

Kanan lightsaber

Another battle moment was ezra bridger's rescue of Kanan Jareth in the Mustafar Imperial Prison. In order to distract the guards, ezra bridger sliced through a wall with his lightsaber, attracting the guards' attention and creating an opportunity for the rescue.

Ezra bridger's most exciting battle moment was undoubtedly his final mission to rescue Lothar from the Imperial collection. ezra bridger confronted Thrawn's forces and allowed his friend to escape, but his own whereabouts are unknown, but his contribution was undoubtedly great.


Each of ezra bridger's lightsabers has its own character, and each saber is powerful and unique, playing a vital role in ezra bridger's journey as a Jedi. The changing of ezra bridger's sabers is a symbol of ezra bridger's growth and development as a Jedi, and a symbol of his own personal spirit, a spirit that will also It is also a symbol of his personal spirit, a spirit that will inspire other Jedi to continue to dedicate themselves to the cause of fighting the Empire.


1. How many lightsabers does Ezra Bridger have? What colors are they?

Ezra Bridger has three lightsabers, each colored blue, green, and blue.

2. What is the significance of Ezra Bridger's third lightsaber?

Ezra's lightsaber was a powerful and unique weapon that symbolized his growth as a Jedi and his determination to defeat the Empire.

3. How did Ezra obtain the kyber crystal used in his lightsaber?

The kyber crystal was obtained from an ancient Sith temple and was corrupted by the dark side, but Ezra was able to purify it.

4. What is the symbolism behind the markings on the lightsaber's hilt?

The symbols represent Ezra's connection to ancient Jedi and Sith temples and his journey as a Jedi.

5. How did Ezra's lightsaber evolve throughout his journey as a Jedi?

It evolved as he encountered different opponents and incorporated elements from different lightsaber forms into his fighting style.

6. What happened to the lightsaber after Ezra's disappearance?

It continued to be used by Sabine Wren in the fight against the Empire and served as a reminder of Ezra's legacy.