Jedi Manual - Lightsaber Guide Rev.1.1

Table of Contents

I. How to Choose a Lightsaber

The ignition effect, sound font, color switching, smooth swinging, and Bluetooth control of a lightsaber are all determined by the lightsaber's core, not the model. Different lightsaber models may have different core structures, but as long as the core version is the same, all the features of the lightsaber will be the same. At Superneox, all our versions have a pixel core.

1. Select a lightsaber category based on your needs.

A. The Master collections corresponds to high-end replica character lightsabers, generally used for collecting, cosplay, display, and gifts. The screen accuracy is very high.

B. The Knight collections is a creative design academy, suitable for display, gifts, modifications, and performances. They often have symbolic designs, structures, and a more mysterious and interesting appearance.

C. The Apprentice collections is budget-friendly for Jedi, suitable for dueling, modifications, and performances. The designs are generally simple and sleek, with high comfort in the grip.

2. Choose your preferred lightsaber model based on the hilt details.

Select the lightsaber model you like best based on the hilt design details, which may include character names, pattern information, and structural features.

3. Further customize the lightsaber's attributes based on your personal preferences.

You can choose different hilt colors, classic or weathered versions, 32-inch or 36-inch blade lengths, and straight or curved blades.

4. Select the lightsaber core that meets your functional requirements.

The core is the control center for all of the lightsaber's functions, determining the effects it can produce.

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II. How to Use a Lightsaber

1. Basic Usage

To use a lightsaber, you first need to determine the lightsaber core. You can refer to the instructions included with the packaging or check Superneox's tutorial guides.

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2. App Control

For lightsabers with S-RGB or SNV4 Pro cores, you may also need to learn how to connect via Bluetooth and control the saber through an app.

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3. Customization

For lightsabers with SNV4 Pro or Proffie cores, you may need to download configuration files. We provide a selection of configuration files for you to download.

Proffie Tutorial: How To Add Sound Fonts & Blade Styles To Proffie Lightsaber

4. Recommended Tutorials

In addition to the official tutorials from Superneox, you can also watch tutorial videos provided by some Jedi masters. We recommend the following YouTube channel:


III. After-Sales and Modifications

Since the core contains electronic chips, circuit or software issues may occur during installation. You can contact us for troubleshooting solutions. For general operational issues, you can refer to our YouTube after-sales channel @lightsabersupport.

IV. More Plays

We are developing various gameplay and tutorials for lightsabers. Please follow our official social media accounts for updates.

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