The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Dueling Lightsabers

The most attractive in Star Wars is a variety of fierce and exciting battles, the blade cuts through the air, emitting a buzzing sound, when the blades collide together, light and shadow intertwined, this is the unique charm of the dueling lightsaber.

Almost every Star Wars fan has fantasized about being a great dueling master, but has never been able to choose the right dueling lightsaber. In this ultimate guide, we'll reveal everything you need to know about dueling sabers, how to choose the best weapon for you, and how to become a great warrior, so get ready to fire up your saber and start a dueling journey of your own.

temper guard saber

What is a Dueling Lightsaber?

Before you can get your own dueling lightsaber, you need to know what a dueling saber really is. In Star Wars, there are many exciting scenes of dueling sabers being wielded in fierce battles that thrill the viewer. Dueling sabers are powerful weapons used by Jedi and Sith that are designed to be dueled with and wielded by the Jedi and Sith.

In the real world, the definition of dueling lightsabers is also the same, born specifically for dueling, the difference is that it can not do with the Star Wars works of energy blade, the reality of the saber is made of a variety of materials, so the general ability to dueling sabers, itself has a very strong resistance to collision, are generally made of aluminum alloy and polycarbonate as the material made of aluminum alloy is generally used as a hilt of raw materials, polycarbonate is used as a blade material, and the aluminum alloy is generally used as a blade material, and the polycarbonate is used as a blade material. Aluminum alloy is used as the hilt material and polycarbonate is used as the blade material, both of which are of high quality in terms of hardness and are able to withstand all kinds of harsh tests and battles without being easily damaged. Users are able to wield the saber to their heart's content and engage in dueling and technical competitions.

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The Dueling Lightsaber also has the distinctive feature of being more rigid than a collector's saber, allowing the dueling weapon to be used in combat with others. In addition, it has a shorter, more balanced blade length to suit the user's fighting habits. In the important also has a strict standard, there are light saber and heavy saber points, light saber is more suitable for long-lasting combat, using complex combat skills to defeat the enemy, while the heavy saber is required to solve the battle in a short period of time, it requires the user itself can be mastered, relying on a strong force to fight, so as to play out the powerful power of the heavy dueling lightsaber, generally facing the heavy dueling saber attack, many people are difficult to fight head-on, but also to fight with other people, so as to make it possible to fight with others. In general, when faced with the attack of heavy dueling sabers, many people are difficult to fight head-on, and can only choose to avoid the front.

Types of Dueling Lightsabers

Dueling Lightsabers are a type of standard saber that come in a variety of designs and are designed to be used in duels, and there are many different types to choose from.

The most common type is the single-bladed dueling saber, which is commonly used by Jedi and Sith Knights. The overall construction is straight and consists of a hilt and a blade, which glows brightly when lit and can be colored according to one's side, and is accompanied by a distinctive soundscape, which allows the user to experience an immersive experience when fighting. Single-bladed lightsaber is more suitable for those who are good at dueling skills, its streamlined design puts more emphasis on speed, accuracy and agility, using dueling skills, it can achieve quick strikes of and make it difficult for opponents to fight. Such as Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader, both favored this classic dueling style.

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The double-bladed lightsaber is a variation of the single-bladed saber, featuring two identical sabers that can be joined together by a connector for greater offense and defense. Generally speaking, the double-bladed saber is relatively heavy, requiring the user to be able to handle it, and the double-bladed saber is more complex to use, requiring the user to be skilled at coordinating the two blades in a fluid motion. The dual blades are more complex to use, and the user must be skilled in coordinating the blades in a fluid motion. Although the dual bladed saber is slightly less maneuverable than the single bladed saber, in the hands of an experienced user it can wield great destructive power, as in the case of the Sith Lord Darth Maul.

The Crossguard Lightsaber is also a variant of the single-edged saber, featuring two secondary blades on either side of the main blade, which are generally used for defense, and can be used to defend against opponents' attacks and deflect them, making it a weapon that can be used for both offense and defense, as represented by Kylo Ren's use of the Crossguard Lightsaber in Star Wars.

Crossguard dueling Lightsaber

The curved hilt lightsaber is a unique weapon different from the straight hilt saber, this weapon requires the user to have a very high level of combat skills and control, of course, as long as you can skillfully master, can play an unexpected effect in battle, can produce horrible suppression, so that the opponent is difficult to fight, this weapon is generally some of the Sith Lords, such as Count Dooku use, and therefore can be seen in the curved hilt saber of the powerful place.

The Shoto Saber is generally suitable for those with a slender build, and is characterized by its small size, light weight, maximum mobility and flexibility. It can be used as an assassin's dagger, or as a sidearm, e.g. if you are unable to inflict damage on your opponent in a fight, a sudden use of the Shoto Saber during the confrontation will create a surprise effect on your opponent.

Dueling Lightsaber Origin and History

The origin of the Dueling lightsaber stems from the battle between the Jedi and the Sith, since ancient times these two forces have been engaged in confrontation, caught up in endless battles, as the conflict escalated, these dueling masters developed complex and skillful swordplay, paired with the use of the saber, which could often give them a headstart in battle.

As time progressed a number of different dueling styles emerged, each with their own characteristics, for example the Jedi were more adept at defensive stances and redirecting energy towards their opponents. In contrast the Sith preferred a more aggressive, offense oriented style. From this, different styles of realistic combat have evolved.

Fans pursuing Star Wars continued the tradition of lightsaber dueling by trying to use sabers in real life combat, but since early sabers were mostly used for viewing and not suitable for combat, many lightsabers capable of dueling were gradually developed to meet the needs of the fans, resulting in the birth of a number of dueling saber enthusiasts.

Important factors in choosing a dueling lightsaber

Everyone wants a dueling lightsaber of their own, and when choosing the right saber for you, you need to consider these saber factors to ensure that the weapon meets your needs and preferences.

1.Blade Material

The blade is an important component of the dueling lightsaber and is also the part that endures the most intense battles. Before choosing a saber, it is important to consider the impact of the blade's sturdiness and safety, among other things. Therefore, the most practical choice is a polycarbonate type of blade, which is both durable and extremely safe.

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The polycarbonate blade itself is a very strong material and has a certain degree of toughness, which can absorb the impact during the duel, will not make the wrist feel sore, and will not cut the skin because of the accidental contact of the blade on the body, there is almost no risk of injury, and you can still feel the collision of the duel, so it is a good choice for the material of the sword blade.

2.Hilt Material

In addition to the blade, the material of the hilt is also a key factor, the general hilt is commonly used aluminum alloy material.

This material hilt is generally lighter, the user in the experience of lightsaber duel, physical exertion is very serious, relatively speaking, aluminum alloy hilt is lighter, along with a long time of dueling, will not soon feel tired, and can carry on a more lasting battle. Moreover, the aluminum alloy will not rust, which prolongs the service life of the hilt. Finally, when weathering the hilt, aluminum alloy is a very suitable material, which can get a very high quality weathering effect.

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3.Special effects

When choosing a dueling lightsaber, you also need to consider the functional effects it has, rich sound color can enhance the immersive dueling experience, bring excellent combat experience.

With the continuous development of the lightsaber, the various functions of the saber also increased. Many sabers have special sound effects that simulate the hum of the blade cutting through the air and the sound of the sword colliding during battle, in addition to some exclusive ignition sound effects and exclusive voices of Star Wars characters, which, when paired with a variety of cool start-up effects, can bring an excellent experience. You can also choose different colors to represent the camp you are in when dueling, and experience an immersive battle feeling.

4.Personalized Design

In addition to the pre-existing features, the ability to personalize the lightsaber is also essential, this saber support their own programming program, so that the weapon has more features, compared to say richer sound effects, etc., but to achieve this function, you need to upgrade the saber processing, buy the Proffie version of the saber can be operated.

How to Improve Your Lightsaber Dueling Skills

Lightsaber dueling has a variety of combat forms and techniques, such as Djem So, Juyo and Ataru, but for those who really want to become a great dueling master, the first thing you need to do is to build a solid foundation and perfect your basic skills, and then develop more advanced maneuvers that will be more accessible and powerful.

The first thing you need to do to strengthen your foundation is to master proper footwork and body posture. Duelists need to learn to maintain balance and stabilize their posture, which is not an easy task. In combat, the ability to move quickly and swiftly, as well as the ability to strike while on the move, requires the duelist to master the fighting stance and to be able to master the distribution of the center of gravity, and to continually adjust the stance, as well as the attacking and defending postures.

In addition, the duelist must be skilled in swordplay, not in the form of lightsaber techniques, but in the form of basic blade control. Duelists need to train and develop the muscle memory needed to maneuver the saber smoothly and precisely, so that they can parry their opponent's attacks or launch them smoothly and quickly, making it difficult for the opponent to defend themselves and demoralizing them.

Finally, it is important to develop your senses and reflexes over the course of a long period of time. Lightsaber dueling is generally very fast, so when faced with an opponent's attack, it is necessary to anticipate the opponent's actions and react as necessary. This requires the duelist to remain calm at all times, to be able to process information quickly, and to make split-second decisions.

With this basic training, and with the addition of lightsaber skills, you can become a competent dueling master who can easily overcome any challenge.


With a deep understanding of the Dueling lightsaber, choosing your own saber is no longer a difficult task, so pick your weapon and embark on a journey to become a great Duel Master.


1. What are the forms of lightsaber combat?

The main lightsaber fighting forms include Shii-Cho, Makashi, Soresu, Ataru, Shien/Djem So, Niman, and Juyo/Vaapad.

2. Can I duel with a Neopixel lightsaber?

Neopixel sabers are made of polycarbonate material, which is strong and impact resistant, making them ideal for dueling.

3. Can I duel with the RGB Lightsaber?

The RGB lightsaber is made of polycarbonate, which is strong and impact resistant, making it ideal for dueling.

4. Where can I buy a dueling lightsaber?

Some of the top saber suppliers can be purchased, such as superneox, where the sabers are very top dueling lightsabers, meeting any requirements for dueling.

5. What kind of lightsaber is best for dueling?

Undoubtedly the Proffie version of the Neopixel lightsaber, not only the material is strong, but also has a personalized customization function, you can experience a richer sound effects and colors, to enhance the immersive combat experience.

6. What is the best blade for Dueling Lightsabers?

Undoubtedly, the polycarbonate blade is currently the best dueling blade, not only is the material strong, impact resistance, able to withstand the most intense battles, but also to protect the human body from injury, high safety performance.