Unveiling the Mysterious Acolyte Lightsaber

With the release of Squire's Monk, while fans are attracted to the plot, they are naturally intrigued by the variety of new lightsabers that have appeared in the TV series, especially since it has been revealed that a new weapon has also appeared, which has attracted even more attention from fans. I'm sure many fans can't wait to find out what new lightsabers have appeared in Squire, and in this article, we'll be taking you on a journey to learn more about these new weapons and their colors.

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Indara Lightsaber

The Indara lightsaber is the weapon that Master Indara is said to use in Squire, and this new and powerful weapon brings an exciting element to Star Wars. Master Indara is a skilled Jedi Master who has exquisite control over the Force but is not keen on fighting, preferring to solve problems peacefully, and this is very much in keeping with the color of the lightsaber she uses.The saber used by Master Indara's Jedi Masters exudes a bright green hue, and the color green, which is generally associated with the Force, wisdom, and harmony, has been used in the Star Wars tradition by It is used by Jedi Consulars, who specialize in negotiation and have their own unique understanding of the use of the Force.


The Indara lightsaber is designed to be both elegant and functional. The Indara lightsaber is a more traditional saber with a cylindrical hilt and a hilt made up of mostly yellow and silver hues with three gold rings. As seen in the trailer, the Indara lightsaber is a green saber , and is powered by the Kyber Crystal. The lightsaber is usually suspended from Jedi Master Indara's belt, symbolizing the Jedi Order's mission as guardians of the galaxy.

Master Indara lightsaber

Sol Lightsaber

The Sol Lightsaber is the weapon used by Master Sol of the Squire, a wise Jedi Master who, like other Jedi Masters, wears white robes with gold trim, a brown cloak, and is very skilled in the Force and in the art of lightsaber techniques. Master Thor is also a deeply compassionate man who often defends those who cannot defend themselves.

The Sol lightsaber is a very elegant lightsaber and has a very smooth hilt that is basically composed of silver, with special attention paid to the fact that the top of the hilt is decorated with several intricate colors, giving the entire saber a very regal appearance. Like most Jedi sabers, the Sol lightsaber emits a blue glow, representing the status of a Jedi Master.


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Jedi with blue lightsabers are usually proficient in lightsaber combat and have a strong connection to the light side of the Force. The blue saber symbolizes protection and justice, working to protect the galaxy from the Sith, and likewise symbolizes courage, determination and justice.

Vernestra Rwoh Lightsaber

Vernestra Rwoh is a veteran Jedi Master, and in fact a gifted Jedi Knight, becoming one of the youngest Jedi Knights when she was just 15 years old.Vernestra Rwoh wields a very unique Lightsaber, an extremely rare purple saber like the one used by Mace Windu. But what's most unusual is that the Vernestra Rwoh lightsaber can be switched to use as a light whip, which allows Vernestra Rwoh to overwhelm his opponents with different attacks.

vernestra rwoh

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One of the rarest and most attractive colors in the Star Wars universe, the purple lightsaber represents a harmony between the traditional blue of the Jedi and the red of the Sith, symbolizing the unique balance between the light and dark sides of the Force, a duality that reflects the complexity of its user's personality and his or her attitude towards the Force.

Yord Fandar Lightsaber

Yord Fandar was a Jedi Knight who lived during the Republic's heyday and was a Guardian of the Jedi Temple, wearing brown Jedi robes with gold trim.Yord Fandar was a highly compliant and disciplined individual who was dedicated to protecting the Galactic Republic.

Yord Fandar's lightsaber is a yellow saber, as is his identity, yellow lightsabers are primarily used by Jedi guards to symbolize protection and balance.

Jecki Lon Lightsaber

Jecki Lon is a Shireling/human hybrid who was the apprentice of Jedi Master Thor. Like other Jedi, Jecki Lon wears white and gold robes when at the Temple, and appears very calm and mature in her usual manner.The Jecki Lon Lightsaber is a green saber, but not much else is known about it.

Mae Aniseya

Mae Aniseya is a Force-sensitive human female assassin from the Republic period of life, her twin sister to Osha Aniseya.Mae Aniseya, as an assassin, does not have a lightsaber of her own, but does have a set of shuriken daggers that are hidden in her belt and sleeves so as to be readily available for use.These shuriken daggers are shaped similarly to the Bitterblade, and the daggers end with a circular structure for easy hanging.

maes knives

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With Squire only starting to hit theaters at the moment, the details about these lightsabers are not particularly clear, but stay tuned to Squire to learn more about these mysterious sabers.