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Multi saber stand

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    Size: L32cm x W18cm x H19cm, Weight: 5.5kg

    Presenting the metal Multi Saber Display Stand(L12.7"x W7"x H7.5") - Showcase up to 3 lightsabers creatively, while minimizing the risk of damage. With variable lighting effects, it highlights the handles for optimal display. Displaying your sabers on this stand demonstrates your dedication to collecting and sharing your passion for these iconic sci-fi artifacts. Elevate your collection and ignite conversations with fellow enthusiasts. Get the ultimate showcase for your sabers today!

    Multi Saber Display Stand
    Multi Lightsaber Display Stand
    Metal Multi Lightsaber Stand
    Multi Saber Display Stand
    Metal Lightsaber Display Stand
    Metal Multi Lightsaber Display Stand
    Multi Lightaber Display Stand
    SNV4 core upgrade to SNV4 Pro