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Lightsaber core

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    The core of the lightsaber is an important part of the hilt, it is the key to the saber's ability to ignite . If you are missing it, then your lightsaber will not function. You don't have to buy a new saber to replace it, you just need to get the right core to light it up again.

    The lightsaber cores come in different types of designs, available in multiple versions, with single and dual buttons. Lightsaber cores are compatible with all hilts available in the Superneox store and TXQ, so that they fit perfectly and perform at their best, regardless of the type of lightsaber.

    With the Lightsaber Core, you can personalize every detail of the weapon, from the colorful blade colors to the realistic sound effects, and make a true connection with your lsaber by wielding your own saber once it has been set up through the Lightsaber Core.

    Please let us know the name of the lightsaber you are using before purchasing, We will send compatible cores by matching your lightsaber model.

    Single RGB
    proffie Single
    SN V4 single
    proffie double
    RGB double
    SN V4 double
    RGB lightsaber core
    RGB saber core
    core of a lightsaber
    lightsaber core
    RGB lightsaber core part
    RGB lightsaber core part
    SNV4 core upgrade to SNV4 Pro