Legendary Weapons: The Changing History of Anakin Skywalker's Lightsaber

Often referred to as the "Skywalker Lightsaber" in the Star Wars universe, the Anakin Lightsaber is one of the most storied lightsabers in Star Wars. Anakin Skywalker's iconic lightsaber has seen the history of Star Wars through the generations, and its presence is indelibly intertwined with key events in the galaxy.

In this article, the history of the ever-changing Anakin lightsaber will be told in detail, exploring the rich story behind it, and everything about the Anakin lightsaber you can see here.

The Origin of the Anakin Lightsaber

The Anakin Skywalker lightsaber, as it is known, is actually Anakin's second lightsaber, while Anakin's first lightsaber was lent to him by a Jedi named Nicanas, but was damaged during a battle with Count Dooku. But Anakin didn't see this as a very bad thing; rather, the destruction of the first lightsaber made Anakin determined to forge a lightsaber of his own. And so, at one particular moment, Anakin built himself a brand new lightsaber.

Anakin meditated for several nights before crafting his lightsaber, he eventually delved deep into the depths of the crystal caves of Ilum, searching for a crystal that harmonized with his own Force, after much searching Anakin was absorbed by a rare blue kyber crystal that emitted a blue energy that matched Anakin's own Force so well that he carefully removed it, and returned to the Jedi Temple and Started working on his lightsaber.

Anakin Blue Lightsaber

Anakin put all his skill into forging a Skywalker lightsaber of his own, a sleek chrome-plated cylindrical lightsaber. When Anakin first ignited the lightsaber, he immediately felt a harmony, as if the lightsaber were an extension of his body.

Anakin's Lightsaber during the Clone Wars

Anakin's first major battle after acquiring the Anakin Skywalker lightsaber occurred during the Clone Wars, and Anakin used his lightsaber in countless battles as the conflict between the Republic and the Separatists swept across the galaxy. Whether it was fighting droids in the skies of Coruscant or confronting evil Sith assassins in the jungles of Felucia, Anakin defused them all with ease.

With each battle, Anakin became more and more familiar with the Skywalker lightsaber. He wielded the blade with fluidity and grace, breaking through enemy formations with ease, and Anakin's reputation opened up.

Anakin's Lightsaber Falls to the Dark Side

After Anakin fell to the Dark Side and became Darth Vader, Anakin still used this lightsaber, but it was no longer the enemy that this lightsaber killed, but rather his former compatriots. During Order 66 and the siege of the Jedi Temple, Anakin used this weapon to kill many of his former compatriots, including Sin Dralig, Wy Mallor, Shakti, and many more.

Later, Anakin traveled to Mustafar and used Anakin's lightsaber to assassinate the entire Separatist Council. Unfortunately, however, in Mustafar, Anakin had to duel with his master, however, Anakin was no match for the skilled Obi-Wan, and was defeated and disarmed, the lightsaber was left behind on the gray shore, Obi-Wan, not wanting the last traces of his apprentice to be lost, retrieved the Anakin lightsaber and kept it for a long time.

The First Inheritance of Anakin's Lightsaber

The Anakin Lightsaber remained in Obi-Wan's possession until he met Luke Skywalker, Anakin's son. When Luke came of age, Obi-Wan revealed to Luke the true story about his father and gave Luke the Anakin Lightsaber. When Luke held the lightsaber, it was obvious that he could feel the energy flowing through it, and for Luke, everything about this Anakin lightsaber felt incredibly close to him, as if it was not the first time he had used it. For Luke, the Anakin lightsaber was a continuation of his father's legacy, and this blue lightsaber inspired Luke to keep going.

Anakin lightsaber

Anakin Lightsaber in The Empire Strikes Back

As Luke's skills grew stronger under Master Yoda's tutelage, so did his connection to the Anakin Lightsaber, but in a duel with Darth Vader, Luke still lost his Anakin Lightsaber.

In the carbon freezer, Luke and Vader dueled, their blades clashing against each other with a piercing buzzing sound that lingered in everyone's ears, but in the end, Luke failed, unable to defeat Vader, and had his hand severed, and his lightsaber forced to be separated from him.

The Second Passing of the Anakin Lightsaber

For decades, the saber's whereabouts have been shrouded in mystery since Luke lost his Anakin lightsaber. But fate is a marvelous thing, Rey accidentally heard the Anakin Lightsaber calling when she visited Castle Takodana, Rey followed the call into the basement of the castle where she found the lightsaber left behind, Rey felt that the lightsaber seemed to be summoning her, she touched the Anakin Lightsaber ghostly, and at the moment of contact, Rey saw a series of visions. The lightsaber seemed to be transmitting memories of the past to her, enabling Rey to gain insight into the stories of the past. Although Rey was frightened, she eventually accepted the Anakin Lightsaber, and it has accompanied her on her journey ever since.

The Destruction of Anakin's Lightsaber

After Rey's negotiations with Kylo Ren broke down, the latter attempted to take her lightsaber with the Force. To resist Kylo Ren, Rey similarly uses the Force to pull the weapon. Because of the clashing and pulling of the Force, the Anakin lightsaber was eventually unable to withstand this immense amount of energy, causing the internal kyber crystal to break But later on, Rey repaired the lightsaber by tying the two halves of the shattered lightsaber together with a belt, and Propyne used the healing spells she learned from the Jedi Texts to repair the shattered kyber crystal, and played a role in the final defeat of Emperor Palpatine.

Anakin lightsaber

The Final Chapter of Anakin's Lightsaber

After the defeat of Palpatine, she crafted a yellow lightsaber of her own and traveled to the Lars mansion on Tatooine, where Luke grew up, and Rey buried both lightsabers there, thus concluding the story of Anakin's life, which represented the end of one era and the beginning of another.

Anakin Skywalkers Lightsaber

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The Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber has witnessed a lot of history as it has traveled and adventured through the stars with its successive owners, it can be said that it is a symbol of destiny and history, and the legacy of the Anakin Lightsaber has been and will continue to be an influence on those who come after it.