Everything You Didn't Know About Rey Lightsaber

When it comes to the yellow lightsaber in Star Wars, many people will think of Rey's saber at first. In Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalkers, Rey created her own lightsaber, and its unique yellow blade left a deep impression on the audience.

There's more to Rey's lightsaber than meets the eye, and in this article, that information will be revealed in detail, from her personal journey to the origins of her lightsaber, delving into the intricacies and exploring everything there is to know about Rey's lightsaber.

The Significance of Rey's Yellow Lightsaber

Yellow lightsabers are very rare in Star Wars and are traditionally associated with Jedi Sentinels, who are known for balancing the physical and mental aspects of the Force. This balance is key to understanding the significance of Rey's lightsaber.

For Rey, the yellow blade represents her unique understanding of the Force, which blends the experiences of both Light and Dark. Throughout her journey, Rey encounters and learns about various aspects of the Force, refusing to adhere strictly to traditional Jedi teachings or succumb to the temptations of the Sith. This balanced approach is essential to her character, and her yellow lightsaber symbolizes this perfectly.

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In addition, the yellow lightsaber symbolizes Rey's role as a new type of Jedi. While the galaxy has long been at odds with light and darkness, Rey is a character who embraces the complexity of the Force. She strives for harmony and understands that the Force is not black and white, but encompasses a wide range of experiences and emotions.

The color yellow also symbolizes renewal and hope. After the fall of the Sith and the end of the Skywalker saga, Rey's yellow lightsaber heralded a new era for the Jedi Order. It heralded a new dawn for the Jedi, free from the old conflicts, and Rey's lightsaber became a symbol of this new hope.

How Rey yellow lightsaber was created

Rey's lightsaber is made from materials recycled from her long stick and cloth handle, a thick and heavy hilt that is also resistant to impact and abrasion due to its external armor. During the Resistance War, Rey began work on her own saber, originally considering a hinged design with emitters on both ends, but after seeing her dark visions on the wreckage of the second Death Star, she abandoned this design and created the design she is now known for.

Rey's three lightsabers

1.Anakin Skywalker/Luke Skywalker blue lightsaber

Rey's first lightsaber was the iconic Blue Blade weapon, first used by Anakin Skywalker and later by Luke Skywalker. In The Force Awakens, attracted by the Force, Rey discovers this blue saber in Maz Kanata's castle, and Rey uses this lightsaber in her initial battle with Kylo Ren.

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2.Leia Organa Blue Lightsaber

Rey also uses Leia Organa's blue lightsaber in "Rise of Skywalker." She acquired the weapon after receiving training from Leia, who also revealed her Jedi past. Leia's lightsaber represents the bond between Rey and Leia, and Ley's growth as a Jedi under Leia's tutelage. Rey's use of Leia's lightsaber and Luke's lightsaber exemplifies the teachings and legacy of the Skywalker siblings in her battle with the Sith.

3.Rey yellow lightsaber

In "Rise of Skywalker," Rey builds her own unique lightsaber with a yellow blade. Crafted from pieces of her staff, the rare yellow blade of this lightsaber symbolizes the beginning of a brand new journey for Rey. The saber marks her complete transformation into a Jedi.

Rey Dark Visions

In "Rise of Skywalker," Rey sees a dark vision of herself while exploring the ruins of the second Death Star. The vision was triggered when she touched a Sith pathfinder, a powerful artifact associated with the dark side of the Force. In this vision, Rey encountered a darker version of herself, often referred to as "Dark Rey".

The vision symbolizes Rey's internal struggle with her identity and her fear of succumbing to the dark side. It represents the potential temptation that exists within Rey to become this Dark Rey, to fall forever to the dark side of the Force, to go against her current path, if she allows her fear and anger to consume her.

In the vision, Dark Rey wielded a unique lightsaber, a black lightsaber that visualized the influence of the Sith, full of dark temptation, as if one more look would cause her to fall into the darkness, highlighting the threat of the dark side.

dark rey lightsaber hilt

This dark vision had a profound effect on Rey's journey. It forced her to face her inner fears. However, it also strengthened her resolve to adhere to Jedi teachings and seek inner balance. By facing and overcoming this vision, Rey demonstrated her resilience and commitment to the Light Side of the Force.

Important battles Rey has been involved in

1.Battle of Starkiller Base

In The Force Awakens, the first major battle Rey is involved in takes place at Starkiller Base. After being captured by Kylo Ren, Rey escapes and joins Finn and Han Solo on a mission to destroy the base. Her climactic showdown with Kylo Ren highlights her strength and potential, and despite her lack of formal training, she manages to defeat Kylo Ren.

2.Battle of Exegol

The Battle of Exegol is the most crucial battle in Rey's journey. Rey confronted the Sith army assembled by Emperor Palpatine. With the help of the Force and the souls of former Jedi, Rey confronts Palpatine. This battle was the culmination of Rey's growth as a Jedi, demonstrating her mastery of the Force and her determination to defeat the Sith.

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3.Duel on the Ruins of the Death Star

One of Rey's most exciting battles takes place on the ruins of the Death Star. Rey and Kylo Ren engage in an intense lightsaber duel in the middle of the Thrash. Ultimately, her act of healing Kylo marks her commitment to the Light Side and heralds Kylo Ren's eventual redemption.


The Rey lightsaber is not only an iconic weapon in Star Wars, but also a symbol of the development and spirituality of her personal journey. The distinctive yellow blade reflects her path of growth, step by step, to become a true Jedi. Rey's lightsaber is a beacon of light in the relentless struggle for galactic peace for generations to come.


1.What is the significance of Rey's yellow lightsaber?

Rey's yellow lightsaber symbolizes balance and hope, marking her departure from the traditional Jedi path.

2.How did Rey build her lightsaber?

Rey made her lightsaber from materials recycled from her baguette and cloth handle, reflecting her resourcefulness and connection to her past.

3.How many lightsabers does Rey have in total?

Rey has used a total of three lightsabers, Luke Skywalker's blue saber, Princess Leia's blue lightsaber, and a yellow lightsaber she built herself.

4.what role does Rey's lightsaber play in Rise of Skywalker?

Rey's lightsaber marks her transformation into a true Jedi and plays a crucial role in her final battle with Emperor Palpatine.

5.what is the symbolism behind the black lightsaber in Rey's dark visions?

The black lightsaber in Rey's dark visions represents her inner darkness and anger, highlighting her inner struggle with the dark side.