Basic Tutorial on How to Spin A Lightsaber

Almost every lightsaber fan wants to be able to use their lightsaber as smoothly as the characters in the movie, and in this guide, we will provide several basic lightsaber spinning tutorials that will teach you how to spin a variety of lightsabers and complete the full moves.

Lightsaber Spinning Preparation

Spinning is a dangerous maneuver, and if you don't do it properly, you can easily get hurt, so it's important to have the right posture before spinning.

Correct grip and body posture is the basis for mastering lightsaber rotation. This is something that must be learned before learning saber lightsaber. First of all, hold the hilt, the palm of the hand should fit tightly on it, the fingers firmly hold the hilt, according to personal habits, the position of the palm on the hilt is different, but it is recommended that the palm is placed close to the end of the blade, that is, the hilt of the top position, placed in this position will be used in the use of the sword will provide greater stability and grip, and it is easier to control the lightsaber to rotate.

Then there is the body posture, the elbows should be close to the body and not swinging outwards, this posture allows the body to maintain balance and can be used as a support point for power generation, allowing for stronger time to perform lightsaber rotations.

The final stance should be shoulder length, with the knees slightly bent, allowing the center of gravity to shift downward. This stance allows the body to maintain a more stable balance, and to maneuver the lightsaber without tilting the body due to the increased swing.

The ultimate goal is to rotate the lightsaber, which may not seem to be related to rotational techniques, but it is very important to adjust the grip and stance, as these elements allow the user to perform responsible lightsaber rotations more accurately and naturally.

Basic Wraparound Spin

Just started practicing lightsaber rotation, you can start from the most basic around the rotation, the military sword held tightly, elbow close to the body, the arm should be fixed, only the wrist swing, do forward around the circle movement, when the palm down buckle, in the handle around the top, both formed the most basic lightsaber rotation, the initial speed does not need to be too fast, the main thing is to maintain stability, to maintain the hilt stable, with practice and muscle memory deepening, in the appropriate speed can be accelerated. Deepen, in the appropriate speed can be.

Once you have mastered the forward wraparound rotation, you can try the reverse rotation, or you can practice with a different hand, which greatly increases the sense of spectacle by using both the left and right hands.

Figure of Eight Spin

Convert the wraparound rotation into a more complex figure-eight rotation by guiding the blade in a smooth side-to-side looping motion as it rotates to form a horizontal figure-eight motion, which can be done slowly at first, but keep it continuous, coherent, and keep the hilt centered throughout the motion.

Similarly, once you can master the forward rotating figure of eight, you can take a counterclockwise direction to rotate the hilt. After you have learned both directions of rotation, you can switch the direction at will during the rotation and it will look even cooler.

Vertical lightsaber spin

Vertical spin is a relatively simple way to rotate the lightsaber. Instead of rotating the lightsaber horizontally, it is converted to vertical rotation, rotating the hilt up and down in a linear swinging motion, keeping the wrist stable and ensuring precise control of the rotation.

Once one is able to spin proficiently, height and speed can be adjusted, and in combination with other rotations, a richer, more dynamic set of rotations can be developed.

Back Spin

The Back Lightsaber Spin is a more difficult spin that requires more practice on the part of the user, and is based on the same principles. Place the lightsaber behind the back so that the arm is close to the back, use the wrist to guide the lightsaber in a continuous rotation around the body, as proficiency increases, it is possible to switch to the other hand in the middle of the rotation and increase the speed to complete the full rotation.

Obi-Ani Spin

The Obi-Ani Spin is a relatively difficult and classic spin that is often seen in movies. This type of spin requires a more skillful mastery of the basic lightsaber before it is easier to get the hang of, and it combines several spins that can look pretty cool.

Holding the front of the hilt tightly in the palm of your hand, with the addition of forward and backward rotations, and then doing a set of loops and practicing them over and over again, you will have basically mastered the Obi-Ani Spin once you are proficient in using the two sets of motions combined together. Once able to rotate more skillfully, you can speed up and switch to the other hand in the swing, which also requires extreme proficiency and longer practice to do so.

Choosing the Right Spinning Lightsaber

Spinning a lightsaber is not an easy task, and it takes a lot of practice to get good at it. There are other ways to increase the efficiency of your practice, and that is the choice of lightsaber.

Generally speaking, a rotating lightsaber needs to be lighter in weight, so that it is not only easier to rotate, but also allows the user to rotate for longer periods of time without tiring easily.

In addition, the quality of the lightsaber also needs to be guaranteed, because this is not a simple thing, it needs to go through a lot of practice, in the process of practicing, the lightsaber is very easy to get off and get damaged, so the quality of the lightsaber has to be good, and generally the quality of the lightsaber composed of polycarbonate and aluminum alloy can meet these requirements.

Finally, when a novice starts practicing with a lightsaber, he can choose some basic, cheaper lightsabers, and then choose a more powerful saber when he is able to use it skillfully.


Lightsaber rotation is not a simple thing, need to go through a lot of practice, to form muscle memory, also pay attention to their own safety during training, through constant practice, you can certainly master a variety of skills, to complete these elegant lightsaber rotation movements.