Everything You Need to Know about Shin Hati Lightsaber

In a galaxy far, far away, there exists this elegant and unique saber, the Shin Hati Lightsaber. This mysterious orange lightsaber is as mysterious as its owner.

In this blog, we will unveil the mystery of Hati and her orange saber, explore all the unknown about its existence, and be prepared to embark on this mysterious adventure to learn more about Shin Hati saber.

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Shin Hati's background overview

Born on a remote farming world in the Outer Rim, Shin Hati has shown a strong connection to the Force since she was a child, but the harshness of her environment has left her ignorant of its power. However, Hati could sense strange things happening around her from time to time, such as objects moving without being touched, feeling the emotions of others, and so on, and the sensation struck her as marvelous.

However, this is not a good thing for her parents, who consider this ability to be witchcraft, and are therefore increasingly afraid of it. When Imperial conscripts came to recruit, they saw a chance to get rid of her "curse" and gave Shin Hati to Imperial control.

Shin hati and Belan

The Empire trained her as an Inquisitor, hoping to use her gifts against the Jedi. But Hati would not accept the oppression of the dark side. Deep down, she always yearned for the Light Side. When her master trainer brutalized him, Hati erupted in suffering, eventually taking his life and beginning a defection.

As a renegade Force user, Shin Hati was left to wander endlessly. That is, until she met Baylan Skoll, who had also left the Empire. Baylan saw Shin's talent and recognized that she had the potential to do greater things. Skoll took her on as an apprentice, but taught her not the ways of the Sith, but the ways of the balance of light and darkness as if it were a revan.

Skoll taught shin hati his unconventional view that the Force belongs to all who have the ability to use it, and under Skoll's tutelage, Sin learned to control and use the Force. She built her first lightsaber, an orange blade to match her independent spirit, and began her life as a mercenary.

Shin hati

But when Morgan Elsbeth later hires them to participate in a conspiracy against the New Republic, she and Skoll accompany Elsbeth in his search for the exiled Admiral Trawn, whom Hati believes can show her the way. Skoll tells Hati to contact Thrawn, kill Raine and Bridger, and then take her place in the coming Empire. Skoll also tells Hati that they are going their separate ways. Her ambition driving her in a different direction than Skoll, Hati contacted Thrawn for backup to assist in taking down Rayne and Bridger.

Origin of Shin Hati Lightsaber

Shin Hati lightsaber was built and finished by herself, when she was still very young, Skoll instructed her to begin making her first saber. Hati was submerged in meditation in the dense forest near Skoll's hut, attempting to connect with the crystals buried in the ground through the Force. After weeks of communication, Hati found an unusual orange crystal that called to her through the Force.

Shin Hati lightsaber

After obtaining the orange crystal, Hati began crafting her own weapon. She carefully carved glyphs and patterns into the crystal and the metal casing of the mechanism. In choosing the material for her lightsaber, Hati opted for a lightweight alloy and designed the hilt for optimal dexterity in combat. After synchronizing the energy modulation with the strength of the crystals, she ignited the blade for the first time, bathing the room in its distinctive orange glow.

Later, as Hati's skills continued to improve, so did her experiments and improvements to her lightsaber. She experimented with installing compact jet ventilation systems on both sides of the hilt to allow for rapid succession of blows. She also adds an auxiliary crystal chamber, allowing her to switch between single-bladed and double-bladed configurations to suit different fighting forms. Hati, who has always been brave in innovation, even developed a magnetic focusing lens system that can control the width and strength of the blade according to instructions, which greatly improved the performance of the saber.

What's Shin Hati orange lightsaber meaning?

Each saber color has its own special meaning, just like the green or blue commonly seen in Jedi weapons, they usually represent fairness and justice, the red of the Sith saber represents aggression and evil, and Shin Hati lightsaber It is different from the blue sabers of the Jedi and the red saber of the Sith, but it is also a relatively rare orange in the Star Wars universe. This orange represents Hati's independent spirit and closeness to traditional teachings - reflecting her maverick personality as an extension of herself.

Shin Hati orange lightsaber

Additionally, the orange saber symbolizes Hati’s inner conflict and balance on the edge of darkness and light. Hati was a student of Jedi Knight Skoll, but she was also attracted to darkness in her pursuit of power. Her weapon reflected her inner conflict between light and darkness, Jedi and Sith.

Another meaning is that the orange lightsaber is a symbol of Shin Hati insisting on himself and never giving up on the past, because no matter how far Hati strength develops, Hati ensures that the original orange crystal is always at its core. . It can be said that the orange has witnessed the growth history of Shin Hati and preserved everything about Hati's past. Through the symbolic orange saber, it is like a chronicle of Shin Hati's life.

Who has ever wielded an orange lightsaber?

Plo Koon: He wields a uniquely shaped orange lightsaber. His weapon adopts a traditional hilt design. It was orange in the original setting, but was later changed to blue.

Cal Kestis:in the game of Fallen Order, Cal Kestis can choose an orange lightsaber to fight.

Adel: Adel once created a new weapon with an orange blade, but it was deleted in the later Star Wars settings.

Is the orange lightsaber the weakest lightsaber?

The strength of a lightsaber mainly depends on the user's ability. Generally speaking, there is not much difference between lightsabers of different colors. The most important thing is that the user's talent, experience and training will affect the power of the saber. , but with rigorous training, almost any color blade can achieve perfect results.

But if I were to say the weakest saber color, generally speaking, orange lightsabers might be considered the weakest. Of course, the orange sabers here do not include those powerful users, such as Shin Hati. Why is the orange the weakest? Because it is recorded in some information that a small number of orange saber crystals are not made of normal Kyber crystals, but a crystal called colon as the core. This colon crystal is very similar to Kyber crystal, and they can Harmonize energy. But from a microscopic level, the two are quite different.

A saber equipped with this colon crystal will be less efficient at cutting objects than a normal lightsaber equipped with a Kyber crystal, so there is a view that orange light The sword is the weakest saber. Of course, the weakest one mentioned here is just the sword made of colon crystal, while the normal orange saber made of Kyber crystal, such as Shin Hati's, is as powerful as a normal saber.

After all, the strength of a lightsaber still depends on the user's ability. As long as it is strong enough, no matter what kind of weapon it is, it will not be weak.

What color is the most powerful lightsaber?

In the Star Wars universe, purple is generally considered to be the most powerful lightsaber color. Like orange sabers, purple lightsabers are also very rare. The most famous purple saber users are Mace Windu and Darth Revan.

Mace Windu VS Jango Fett

Why the purple can be called the strongest is because purple is usually considered to be between darkness and light, in the balance between the two, which means that it is connected to both sides of the Force and can It is a very special existence to use the two powers of light and darkness. Like Mace Windu, because of his ability to connect two forces, he can even use the power of darkness when he loses control and becomes angry. He even created his own special move Vaapad. These are undoubtedly It is a powerful representative of the purple lightsaber.

Shin Hati lightsaber forms

Shin Hati's fighting style is as unique as her mastery of the Force. She has inherited the foundation of tradition and developed her own innovative form, where she incorporates multiple fighting techniques rather than a single one.

Makashi: This move gives her the ability to accurately target the enemy's weak points.

Soresu: This move allows her blade to defend against attacks from enemies.

Ataru: Able to attack quickly and continuously, catching the opponent off guard.

Fusion of "Shien" and "Djem So": Observe the opponent and be able to adjust according to the opponent's attack, respond to the enemy's attack with different moves, and easily resolve the enemy's offensive.

Fusion Vaapad: Anticipate the opponent's attack moves and look for opportunities in the chaos.

Shin Hati lightsaber dueling

Important figures related to Shin Hati

Baylan Skoll: As Shin hati's original teacher, Baylan discovered Shin Hati's talent, guided her in making an orange lightsaber, and taught her saber combat.

Aila Sekula: Shin Hati's companion, with whom Hati formed a deep friendship. They fought side by side in battle and together developed the lightsaber form. Secura gave Hati comfort and help during her most difficult time, allowing her to maintain a balance between light and darkness.

Master Yoda:Jedi Master Yoda personally tested Hati to improve her strength and spirit. During the Clone Wars, Hati learned a lot of wisdom and experience from Yoda.

Who were the important people that Shin Hati fought?

Das-Maradi: Maradi is a ferocious warrior whom Hati fought against during the Battle of Velen District. Their lightsabers swing at breakneck speeds, and the two are locked in a life-or-death duel. Although Hati won in the end, it also left scars that will never go away.

Shin Hati dueling

Darth Nir: Nir led the Sith army to destroy the Jedi Temple, Shin Hati clashed with Darth Nir, and in the end, Hati took advantage of Nighel's aggressiveness and disarmed him.

Darth Stryffy: Stryffy is manipulative and cunning. During the defense of Mon Cala, Hattie's keen Force powers allowed her to detect Stryphy's tricks and defeat him in an early duel.

Darth Maul: Hati had a fierce battle with Darth Maul during the Clone Wars. Facing Maul's ferocious attacks, she used her agility and combat skills to narrowly defeat Maul.

Darth Krayt: Hati's most powerful enemy, from his first duel in the Sith Wars to their final battle on Korriban, Krayt has proven his skills are worthy of him. Di. But through training and experience playing against other opponents, Hati gradually adapted and continued to improve her abilities, and eventually she defeated Krayt.


As a legendary figure in Star Wars, Shin Hati still has stories waiting for us to explore, and as for the Shin Hati lightsaber, we marvel at this unique orange. If you want to wield this saber in reality, You can go to Superneox to find a perfect replica of Shin Hati's saber, which will definitely give you a real combat experience and open up your own Star Wars path.


1.What color lightsaber did Shin Hati use?

Orange, the first saber forged by Hati was orange. It used orange Kyber crystal as its core.

2.Is the orange lightsaber the weakest lightsaber?

Yes, there is some opinion that there are sabers made of something called colonic crystals, which glow orange, but that weapon would be slightly less powerful than a lightsaber made of kyber crystals, so someone Think orange is the weakest.

3.What fighting form will Shin Hati use?

Shin Hati is able to master the force proficiently and can integrate various fighting forms, so she has many fighting forms: such as Makashi, Soresu, Ataru, Shien and Djem So, Vaapad

4.Can the Shin hati lightsaber be used in duels?

Shin Hati lightsabers are designed specifically for dueling. Made of durable aluminum and polycarbonate, it can withstand the rigors of combat and provides a secure grip for precise handling so the lightsaber won't fall off easily.

5.Does the Shin Hati lightsaber have sound effects?

The Shin Hati saber features realistic sound effects, enhancing the immersive experience. From the buzz of blades to the clang of blades, there's a variety of sounds to satisfy your lightsaber dueling experience.

6.Where can I buy a Shin hati orange lightsaber?

At Superneox, you can not only buy Shin Hati Neopixel lightsaber, but you can also buy various types and types of orange sabers.